Web Channel

The web channel is used for all tickets opened and replied to via the frontend interface.


Setting Name Description
Allow Unauthenticated Users Allows users that are not logged in to view and reply to tickets, using a special token that they are sent by email. Simplifies the frontend interface for users, but can be considered to be less secure. Disabling this will also remove the track ticket functionality on the frontend and require that users have to register to view tickets.
Show Captcha Allows you to define to whom the captcha is displayed to when creating a ticket. The following options are available:
  • Never - Never show the captcha.
  • Unregistered Users Only - Show the captcha to only users who are not registered or not logged in (the default option).
  • Always - Always show the captcha, even if the user is logged in.
Append IP Address If the user's IP address should be appended when they add a reply to the ticket via the frontend.
Show Related Articles When the user is typing the subject, the system will attempt to find related self-service articles that might be helpful to their query. Requires that the self-service module is enabled and the server has MySQL 5.6+ installed.