Release Details

Release Date 11th October 2023
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#3239 Ability to merge tickets via the API
Feature helpdesk#3238 Ability to link tickets via the API
Feature helpdesk#3105 PHP 8.2 support
Feature helpdesk#2699 Use received date/time when importing email
Improvement helpdesk#3240 Add created/updated date filters to relevant API endpoints
Improvement helpdesk#3228 Add search param to tickets, users and organisations API endpoints
Improvement helpdesk#3226 Add a health check for web sockets
Improvement helpdesk#3221 Add a health check for Meilisearch/Algolia search drivers
Improvement helpdesk#3220 Improve merge tickets searching
Improvement helpdesk#3216 Add host and port options to ws:serve command
Improvement helpdesk#3214 Add self-service article option should only show articles from non-internal types
Improvement helpdesk#3213 Add activity log entry for add/remove user from group
Improvement helpdesk#3212 Improve accessibility of canned response search
Improvement helpdesk#3196 Only run scout sync-index-settings when an actual change in the indexes
Improvement helpdesk#3186 Show pending email attempt_at time
Improvement helpdesk#3175 Update report permissions
Improvement helpdesk#3153 Add log message when an operator/user deletes an attachment from a ticket
Improvement helpdesk#3148 Allow sorting IP ban table by expiry date
Improvement helpdesk#2317 Update ticket view if another operator edits a message
Bug helpdesk#3245 Organisation access level overwritten when adding user to ticket CC
Bug helpdesk#3244 Fatal error when resetting password if token already exists
Bug helpdesk#3243 Ticket grid redirect URI incorrectly encoded
Bug helpdesk#3242 419 error page shown instead of gracefully handling CSRF token mismatch
Bug helpdesk#3237 Period in ticket number format break ticket broadcast channel routes
Bug helpdesk#3236 Fatal error when viewing Twitter integration settings
Bug helpdesk#3235 App restore doesn't replace database connection data
Bug helpdesk#3233 Addon dependencies can alter Meilisearch http client behaviour
Bug helpdesk#3231 Pusher event data exceeds allowed maximum
Bug helpdesk#3229 Column type mismatch between versions on some database tables
Bug helpdesk#3227 Message sometimes show twice in ticket view after posting reply when using Pusher
Bug helpdesk#3225 Organisation search broken when opening ticket with new user
Bug helpdesk#3224 Error when filtering some reports with conditions that use joins
Bug helpdesk#3218 Send verification email button doesn't work
Bug helpdesk#3211 Add report for operator total ticket messages
Bug helpdesk#3166 Function getFormattedNameSql doesn't consider user email address
Bug helpdesk#3141 CC emails not reverted on merged ticket after unmerging
Performance helpdesk#3232 Prevent requests to marketplace.supportpal.com on operator requests in some cases
Performance helpdesk#3223 Operator search performance regression compared to v4.2.5
Performance helpdesk#3222 Cache related self-service articles