Release Details

Release Date 18th September 2017
Release Type Stable - Major

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 2.2 from 2.1 for important changes in this release, including necessary template updates.

Notable Changes

We recommend to read the 2.2.0 Beta release notes to find out about what has changed since 2.1.2.

Resource Changes

There were no changes to the frontend template from 2.2.0 Beta. We'd recommend to read the 2.2.0 Beta release notes to see the resource changes since 2.1.2.


Type Issue Description
DEV-1725 New user conditions for feedback forms, filters, follow ups, macros & SLA plans.
Improvement DEV-1728 Added ability to remove locale from URL when only one language is enabled.
Improvement DEV-1730 Added confirmation popup when running a macro in ticket view.
DEV-1011 Handled error more gracefully that occurred when an invalid path was provided for a template.
Bug DEV-1726 Fixed issue with 'All Time' filter on reports returning no results.
Bug DEV-1729 Fixed some canned responses being hidden from manage grid depending on operator groups selected.
Bug DEV-1731 Fixed assigned operator group now showing when editing a filter.