Release Details

Release Date 30th May 2022
Release Type Stable - Patch

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Bug helpdesk#2889 Show/hide password buttons cannot be translated.
Bug helpdesk#2888 Caddy data does not persist in Docker installations.
Bug helpdesk#2886 First response time reports return no results.
Bug helpdesk#2885 Private message preview shows html entities.
Bug helpdesk#2884 New private message notification URL results in 404 Not Found.
Bug helpdesk#2883 SMTP validation error always shows 'server error'.
Bug helpdesk#2882 Automatic language selection fails when ISO 15897 translation used.
Bug helpdesk#2881 Unable to register new localised languages.
Bug helpdesk#2880 Whitespace lost in some cases when using code option in text editor.
Bug helpdesk#2878 Dark mode is not supported on text editor modals.
Bug helpdesk#2877 Unable to drag & drop or copy & paste images into the text editor.
Bug helpdesk#2875 Error parsing truncated message/rfc822 components.
Bug helpdesk#2874 Unable to install when using Spanish.
Bug helpdesk#2873 Display issue with pagination on frontend.
Bug helpdesk#2872 Text not visible in text editor insert image modal when dark mode is used.
Bug helpdesk#2871 Ticket grid filtering shows brands and departments that you're not assigned to.
Bug helpdesk#2869 Unable to use browser spell check in the text editor.
Bug helpdesk#2868 Datepicker has multiple css issues.
Bug helpdesk#2867 Server heartbeat health check runs on disabled brands.
Bug helpdesk#2866 Language strings are not translated in text editor insert image modal.