Release Details

Release Date 5th January 2018
Release Type Stable - Major

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 2.3 from 2.2 for important changes in this release.

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-32 Custom fields can now depend on other custom fields and only show when a certain value has been selected.
Feature DEV-322 Any reply by one of the users on a ticket with CC email addresses will now email an update to the other users.
Feature DEV-720 Ticket, user and user organisation custom field conditions can now be used in feedback forms, filtering, macros and SLA plans.
Feature DEV-811 Text-based custom fields can now have regex validation and a specified error message shown if the regex doesn't pass.
Feature DEV-1166 Tickets can now be linked to other tickets.
Feature DEV-1519 A new linked ticket can now be created from an existing ticket message.
Feature DEV-1635 Ability to forward ticket content to a third-party.
Feature DEV-1704 Added an option to notify users when the registered users only setting is enabled and their email was rejected.
Feature DEV-1719 PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 support.
Feature DEV-1759 API: Tickets can now be filtered by custom field value.
Feature DEV-1763 API: Installed languages can now be fetched.
Feature DEV-1781 Added support for MariaDB 10.2.
Feature DEV-1783 Added consume all option for remote email piping.
Feature DEV-1789 Added ticket CC conditions and actions for feedback forms, filtering, follow ups, macros and SLA plans.
Feature DEV-1794 Added option to fetch a permalink for a specific ticket message.
Improvement DEV-835 Custom field options can now be re-ordered.
Improvement DEV-1423 Feedback form field types can no longer be changed once feedback has been recorded.
Improvement DEV-1424 A warning is now shown when editing a custom field with options that currently has values in the database already.
Improvement DEV-1472 Attachments are now shown for email queue items and can be deleted.
Improvement DEV-1677 The frontend ticket grid can now be ordered by status.
Improvement DEV-1684 Added a 'check all' option for form sections with multiple checkboxes.
Improvement DEV-1688 Improved warnings when deleting one or multiple records in the system.
Improvement DEV-1732 New languages added to the file system are now disabled by default and need to be enabled.
Improvement DEV-1734 Automatic macros with delete & block or lock actions now handle new ticket email notifications better.
Improvement DEV-1745 Follow up, macro and SLA plan actions can now be re-ordered.
Improvement DEV-1748 Updated pikaday (date picker) so it works better in touch screen browsers.
Improvement DEV-1762 API: Added option to create a ticket on behalf of user as operator.
Improvement DEV-1766 API: Added option to filter ticket messages by message type.
Improvement DEV-1768 API: Ticket message fetching must now include ticket_id.
Improvement DEV-1771 Shows 'not set' for user organisations without language, country or timezone set.
Improvement DEV-1774 Ticket frontend links for old tickets before being merged now point to the new merged ticket.
Improvement DEV-1776 Twitter channel can now handle and post 280 character messages.
Improvement DEV-1778 The 'social_id' column on the ticket message table has been indexed to speed up look ups.
Improvement DEV-1779 The user organisation grid now makes use of the condition system for filtering.
Improvement DEV-1780 The time tracking plugin now shows how many entries there are on loading the ticket and polling updates.
Improvement DEV-1797 Now skips the select a department step on the frontend when submitting a ticket if only one department is available.
Improvement DEV-1800 Facebook channel updated to support strict mode for redirect URIs.
Bug DEV-1572 Fixed invalid validation on database details not allowing '@' in the user field.
Bug DEV-1697 Fixed deleting a user from the manage users grid not recording in the system activity log under certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-1733 Fixed automatic macros with ticket message contains condition not working on new tickets with MySQL 5.6+.
Bug DEV-1736 Fixed being unable to open 'filter results' and 'adjust columns' on certain grid pages.
Bug DEV-1737 Fixed the 'from' email command being ignored for new users when registered users only setting is enabled.
Bug DEV-1738 Improved handling of unicode whitespace characters in email commands.
Bug DEV-1743 Fixed custom fields options being missing after a validation error when creating a new custom field.
Bug DEV-1746 Fixed the 'assign' email command not working in some cases.
Bug DEV-1747 Fixed the reply above line being included in batched emails despite the disable user email replies setting being enabled.
Bug DEV-1749 Fixed invalid URLs being generated in emails when using IIS in some cases.
Bug DEV-1750 Fixed being unable to delete a brand in some cases.
Bug DEV-1751 Fixed not being able to remove operators from operator group edit form.
Bug DEV-1755 Fixed incorrect variables in some email templates.
Bug DEV-1756 Fixed not being able to attach files to notes.
Bug DEV-1761 Removed unnecessary minimum requirement of MariaDB 10.0.0.
Bug DEV-1764 Fixed case-sensitive string comparison resulting in blank messages on some emails.
Bug DEV-1767 Fixed incorrect filtering of tickets under certain conditions.
Bug DEV-1769 Fixed cache not being cleared after creating an operator via LDAP accounts.
Bug DEV-1772 Fixed being unable to unset checkbox type custom fields once set.
Bug DEV-1773 Fixed SQL error stopping activity log entry added when assigning operators to tickets on the ticket grid.
Bug DEV-1775 Fixed plugin and widget routes not working when include locale in URI setting is disabled.
Bug DEV-1777 Fixed fatal error if a macro tries to automatically delete a Twitter or Facebook ticket being imported.
Bug DEV-1782 Fixed Javascript error showing on the department create/edit page under certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-1784 No longer can create ticket tags in the ticket view without the manage tags permission.
Bug DEV-1786 Fixed large embedded images crashing the email parser.
Bug DEV-1790 Fixed Javascript error when cancelling mass reply with attachments.
Bug DEV-1791 Fixed being unable to install when innodb_large_prefix=1 is set.
Bug DEV-1796 Fixed HTML entities showing when showing user notes in ticket view.
Bug DEV-1802 Fixed operators not assigned to ticket brand being notified about ticket updates in some cases.
Bug DEV-1803 Fixed Javascript error on create/edit user form when organisations disabled.