New Installation

Follow our installation guides to get started with SupportPal.


Before you install SupportPal, be sure to review the system requirements. The system requirements include details about the minimum hardware, software, database, and additional requirements to run SupportPal.

Installation Methods

Depending on your platform, select from the following supported methods to install and deploy SupportPal:

Method Description When to choose
Docker provides OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. Containers are isolated and run in consistent, verified, environments.
Recommended for Linux, MacOS & Windows.
It's preconfigured with all dependencies, optimised software settings and security hardened.
CentOS    Debian    Red Hat    Ubuntu
SupportPal works most simply with a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, but can also work with other web server environments. Some optional dependencies, such as Redis, enhance SupportPal functionality.
Use only if you're experienced with Linux and manually configuring software.
cPanel is a web hosting control panel commonly used by shared web hosting companies. It provides an easy to use graphical user interface to manage your websites and domains.
Use only for small scale deployments. There are several disadvantages to use of this method:
  • If using shared web hosting then you're sharing resources with other users.
  • Shared web hosting companies impose restrictions on users to prevent any one user from hogging all of the sources. It is also common for security restrictions which may hinder or entirely break SupportPal functionality.
  • cPanel lacks access to some SupportPal dependencies which enhance use of the software.

Cloud Providers

Below are installation guides for installing SupportPal in a setup that makes it easier to manage and scale:

Provider Method Description
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Deploy SupportPal to Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk. Intended for a single instance deployment without a load balancer.
AWS Elastic Beanstalk (High Availability) Deploy SupportPal to Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk. Intended for high availability deployments.
Requires a SupportPal license with the Multi-IP support addon enabled.