Release Details

Release Date 9th June 2020
Release Type Stable - Minor

Resource Changes

There were no language file changes in this release.


Type Issue Description
Improvement DEV-1620 Added support for Facebook attachments.
Improvement DEV-2337 Added an indicator for when a draft exists.
Improvement DEV-2342 Increased the size of the operator panel search.
Improvement DEV-2423 Redactor toolbar now sticks to the top of the page in the operator panel.
Improvement DEV-2426 Inserting self-service articles now uses the article title as link text.
Improvement DEV-2445 Now able to resize images in text editor (redactor).
Improvement DEV-2453 Added a SAML logged in event.
Bug DEV-2188 Fixed deprecated HTML attributes being removed after purifying.
Bug DEV-2413 Added 'weight' order option for API article search.
Bug DEV-2418 Switched to file session driver by default.
Bug DEV-2430 Fixed being unable to clear WHMCS Information API password value for brand.
Bug DEV-2431 Fixed being unable to scroll the sidebar when mouse doesn't have scroll wheel.
Bug DEV-2432 Fixed spinner.gif not found error.
Bug DEV-2434 Fixed scrolling to validation error not working for certain elements.
Bug DEV-2435 Fixed multiple alerts being displayed on file upload error.
Bug DEV-2436 Fixed <pre> background colour not visible in dark mode.
Bug DEV-2437 Fixed being unable to send emails with attachments when using a private S3 bucket.
Bug DEV-2438 Fixed JS validation not working under tab content.
Bug DEV-2439 Fixed Facebook 'manage_pages' and 'publish_pages' permissions now deprecated.
Bug DEV-2440 Fixed 'show details' not showing when the incoming email log entry type is not 1.
Bug DEV-2441 No longer cache invalid product license information.
Bug DEV-2442 Fixed license client cache time lengths.
Bug DEV-2443 Fixed error when updating operator after deleting a core widget.
Bug DEV-2444 Fixed latest version cache not being cleared on calling home.
Bug DEV-2446 Fixed UX issue meaning new user not created when creating linked ticket.
Bug DEV-2447 Fixed 'Test' web hook button not passing textarea contents.
Bug DEV-2448 Fixed canned response merge fields broken on open new ticket.
Bug DEV-2450 Removed header.twig and sidebar.twig unused files from frontend template.
Bug DEV-2451 Fixed WooCommerce authentication validation.
Bug DEV-2452 Fixed SimplePie not decode HTML entities in announcements feed.
Bug DEV-2454 Fixed generic message masking input validation errors on reports API.
Bug DEV-2455 Fixed translation columns length that mismatch with parent.
Bug DEV-2456 Fixed department routing broken when using plus addressing in department email address.
Bug DEV-2462 Fixed UX glitch on adding user to new organisation.