Quest K1000

Step 3 of the migration scripts expects a custom CSV file created by the K1000 reporting framework. Please follow the below steps for guidance:

  1. Open K1000 administrator interface, select Reporting in the sidebar, then select Service Desk under the View By filter.
  2. At the top of the table select Choose Action and click New (Wizard).
    New Wizard
  3. Enter a name for the report, select Service Desk as the category, and for under the topic menu search for ticket. Two options should be visible:
    • Ticket: The K1000 Service Desk
    • Archive Ticket: The K1000 Service Desk
    The exact wording of these options may vary depending on your K1000 version (alternative wording shown in the screenshot below).
    Select either of these options depending on whether you want to migrate active tickets or archived. If you would like to migrate both then you will need to do them separately.
    Create Report
  4. For Fields to Display check Ticket Info and continue with the wizard. If you selected archive ticket above then check Archive Ticket Info.
    Fields to Display
  5. Skip through the next few stages of the wizard by clicking Next until you hit the Finish button.
  6. Once the report has been created, search for it in the table and generate a CSV report.