Third-Party Integrations: Twilio

The Twilio integration enables you to verify phone numbers, and works alongside the Twilio channel.


Activate or Deactivate Integration

The Twilio integration is disabled by default and needs to be activated before use.

  1. Visit Settings -> General -> Third-Party Integrations.
  2. Find the Twilio integration and click the "Activate" link located on the left of the table.
  3. The page will reload confirming the integration has been activated.

The integration can be deactivated by following the above process, but using the "Deactivate" link instead.

Integration Settings

To configure the Twilio integration, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for a Twilio account.
  2. Browse to the Console in your Twilio account.
  3. Make a note of the Account SID and Auth Token values in the Project Info.
    Twilio Project Information
  4. Click on "Settings" under Twilio on the third-party integrations page.
    Twilio Third-Party Integration
  5. Enter the Account SID and Auth Token into the SupportPal integration settings.
  6. In Twilio, search for "API Keys". Create an API key and enter the key and secret in to the setting form. Click "Save".

Phone Number Verification

Optionally configure the phone number verification service to ensure your users own the numbers they add to their profile. To set this, follow the steps below:

  1. In Twilio, search for "Verify". Click the "+" button to add a service.
    Twilio Verify Add Service
  2. Give the service a name and click "Create".
    Twilio Verify Add Service
  3. Enter the Service SID in the "Verification SID" text field in the SupportPal integration settings. Click "Save".