Release Details

Release Date 15th November 2021
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes


We've added a new container to better handle processing background tasks. It is imperative that the container is created in your environment, otherwise jobs will be queued but not processed, so you must update your docker-compose configuration.

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#2701 Monolithic docker image.
Feature helpdesk#2698 Ability to download all ticket message attachments.
Feature helpdesk#2634 Integrate image/video gallery in self-service articles.
Improvement helpdesk#2775 Update docker PHP version to 7.4.25.
Improvement helpdesk#2769 Validate and fetch information for users in WHMCS information plugin.
Improvement helpdesk#2745 Add brand website URL to merge fields.
Improvement helpdesk#2738 Show error message when system upgrade fails.
Improvement helpdesk#2736 Add condition to filter by user organisation access level.
Improvement helpdesk#2725 Ability to change 2FA account name.
Improvement helpdesk#2715 Added support for queue drivers and queue worker.
Improvement helpdesk#2455 Allow selecting existing organisation when creating new user on open ticket page.
Bug helpdesk#2777 Some emails fail to parse on libxml 2.9.12.
Bug helpdesk#2774 CSRF token invalidated in some circumstances.
Bug helpdesk#2773 Incomplete localisation string when uploading large avatar on the frontend.
Bug helpdesk#2771 From email command sometimes creates invalid e-mail address.
Bug helpdesk#2770 Inconsistent column types when changing some columns in migrations.
Bug helpdesk#2768 Unable to use avatar field on frontend new user forms.
Bug helpdesk#2767 Unable to access records with NULL custom field value.
Bug helpdesk#2763 Simple search box no longer showing on user and organisation grids when filtering.
Bug helpdesk#2762 Incorrect list style type on redactor indented lists.
Bug helpdesk#2761 Unable to login to operator panel if not assigned to any brands.
Bug helpdesk#2759 Ticket reply options plugin doesn't work with multiple editors.
Bug helpdesk#2757 Operator default reply options aren't set when opening linked tickets.
Bug helpdesk#2756 Slack plugin notification checkbox values aren't displayed correctly.
Bug helpdesk#2754 Redirect to the correct tab after updating email template.
Bug helpdesk#2752 Unable to delete brand email templates for '-- Any --' language.
Bug helpdesk#2750 'Disable user email replies' department email template option not showing when already enabled.
Bug helpdesk#2749 Incorrect default web socket port when HTTPS used.
Bug helpdesk#2748 Exception when saving draft on trashed ticket.
Bug helpdesk#2747 Wrong guard name in request helper when using installer.
Bug helpdesk#2742 PHP error when adding invalid user to organisation.
Bug helpdesk#2741 Dot files excluded from system update related commands.
Bug helpdesk#2740 External web sockets port overridden when upgrading to 3.6.2.
Bug helpdesk#2739 Content-Type header is not set on Slack webhook requests.
Bug helpdesk#2726 Some HTML5 compatible tables are removed during sanitization.
Bug helpdesk#2707 zend_mm_heap corrupt error when SAML is enabled in some cases.
Bug helpdesk#2700 Prevent removal of default operator group.