Release Details

Release Date 21st December 2016
Release Type Stable - Major

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 2.1 from 2.0 for important changes in this release.

Notable Changes

There are no notable changes in this release since 2.1.0 Beta. We recommend to read the 2.1.0 Beta release notes to find out about what has changed since 2.0.3.

Resource Changes

Please view the 2.1.0 Beta release notes also if you are looking for resources changes since 2.0.3.


Type Issue Description
Improvement DEV-1180 Preview for follow up merge fields now uses the current ticket details instead of an example ticket.
Improvement DEV-1215 Use the ticket context when selecting which operator to use for a macro, follow up or SLA escalation action.
Improvement DEV-1237 Removed a couple of redundant department email options settings.
Bug DEV-1208 Changing a ticket's relations via macro does not update the values used later in that same call.
Bug DEV-1218 Operators not assigned to the ticket brand can be assigned to the ticket.
Bug DEV-1219 Integrity constraint violation when migrating article views.
Bug DEV-1223 WHMCS plugin default brand API password is saved incorrectly.
Bug DEV-1225 Unable to discard a ticket message draft.
Bug DEV-1226 Redactor is automatically cleaning HTML and losing CSS from canned responses.
Bug DEV-1230 Undefined argv parameter on pipe and cron on some systems.
Bug DEV-1238 User organisation managers can be added as CC also.
Bug DEV-1239 Poll replies broken when tracking ticket via frontend as guest.