The search bar in the header of the operator panel allows staff to search SupportPal for users and tickets matching the term.


How search works

The search results are broken up into two components: users and tickets. Below we detail how searching works for each of these:

Ticket Search

Ticket search is slightly more complex as it not only looks at the ticket table but also at every message belonging to the ticket:

SupportPal makes use of FULLTEXT search, but this introduces a few caveats that you should be aware of when writing search terms:

For example, if you wanted to search for any ticket with a message containing [email protected] the search term must be encoded in double quotes (") otherwise the words joe, supportpal, and com would be searched for individually which would match significantly more records.

For more information, please read:

User Search

The search term will be wrapped in a wildcard and checked against the following user table columns:

Consider the following example, Joe Blogs <[email protected]>. If we search for "pal", then the database will look for any string containing "pal" and in this case the email, [email protected], would match.

Organisation Search

The search term will be wrapped in a wildcard and checked against the name of the organisation.

Refining search results

It is possible to further filter the search results by clicking Filter Results in the yellow bar above the table. The respective grids contain a number of additional conditions that can be used to further refine the search results. To add additional conditions, click the Add Condition button and when ready click the Update button to re-run the search.