Log File Manager

The log file manager allows an operator to easily download and delete log files generated by the system.


Visit Utilities -> Logs -> Log File Manager in the operator panel to access the log file manager. The log files can also be found under the /storage/logs folder on the file system if this page is inaccessible for some reason.


In order to access the Log File Manager, the operator must belong to a group with a role that has the "Manage Log Files" permission.

Application Logs

Application logs contain messages and stack traces from general usage of the help desk.

Changing Logging Method

Unlike the below log files it is possible to change the configuration of application logs, see: Application Log File Configuration Options

Email Logs

Email logs are generated when the Verbose Email Log is enabled within the email channel. The log files contain details about incoming emails including the content and parser debug messages.

SQL Query Logs

These logs contain all MySQL queries that are run when utilising the help desk.