Language Packs: Available Language Packs

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There are a number of community-provided language packs that may be installed.


Official Language Packs

These translations are available within the product and are maintained by SupportPal Limited.

English (United Kingdom) is enabled by default. Other languages can be enabled by browsing to Settings -> General -> Languages in the operator panel.

Community Language Packs

To install a community translation:

  1. Click the Download link below for your selected translation.
  2. Remove language-files- from the containing directory name. For example, language-files-de would become de.
  3. Upload the directory to the addons/Languages/ directory within your SupportPal installation.
  4. Visit Settings -> General -> Languages in the operator panel and activate the new language.

Language Source Download Link
Portuguese (Brazilian) GitHub Repository Download
Dutch GitHub Repository Download
French GitHub Repository Download
German GitHub Repository Download
Persian GitHub Repository Download
Russian GitHub Repository Download
Swedish GitHub Repository Download
Turkish GitHub Repository Download

Contributing Languages

To contribute your own language files, please create a pull request to the language files repository, or alternatively open a ticket with us attached with the files and we will place them in the repository.

We really appreciate your contributions! Existing languages may also require updating to the latest version, for which we would appreciate contributions too.