Release Details

Release Date 29th October 2019
Release Type Stable - Major

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 2.6 from 2.5 for important changes in this release.

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Improvement DEV-575 Added ability to filter tickets in the frontend.
Improvement DEV-1271 Improved handling of file uploads within redactor editor.
Improvement DEV-1858 Added ability to allow setting multiple follow ups per ticket.
Improvement DEV-2009 Updated new ticket opened template when operator opens on behalf of a user.
Improvement DEV-2069 No longer automatically collapses unread ticket messages in the operator ticket view.
Improvement DEV-2079 Improved the encryption setting on email download accounts.
Improvement DEV-2093 Added ability to create a date range of holidays.
Improvement DEV-2098 Added ability to perform non-interactive upgrade through the CLI.
Improvement DEV-2103 Updated the jQuery-UI library.
Improvement DEV-2108 Now using the intended URL when logging in via SAML.
Improvement DEV-2109 Added ability to set a custom SAML identity provider name.
Improvement DEV-2114 Added noindex meta tag to the ticket view so it never indexes in search engines.
Improvement DEV-2124 Now warns before saving a follow up with no actions.
Improvement DEV-2126 Added ability to define WooCommerce connection options.
Improvement DEV-2122 Added ability to define spam rules with and without regex.
Bug DEV-2047 Fixed issue with deprecated permission in Facebook channel.
Bug DEV-2096 Stopped emails being sent out to departments when subaddressing enabled.
Bug DEV-2100 Private messages now only shows operators in the same assigned brands.
Bug DEV-2101 Fixed incorrect description in the escalation rules tab.
Bug DEV-2106 Stopped the delete user button showing when not having the delete user permission.
Bug DEV-2111 Fixed issue with some raw email files not being cleaned up automatically.
Bug DEV-2113 Fixed issue with installation when innodb_large_prefix is enabled.
Bug DEV-2117 Fixed issue with trimming HTML emails when there are whitespaces.
Bug DEV-2118 Fixed issue with filtering user email log by type.
Bug DEV-2120 Stopped Slack plugin sending notifications for trashed tickets.
Bug DEV-2127 Fixed issue with validating SMTP details when a brand SMTP details were also set.
Bug DEV-2129 Fixed issue with captcha being shown too late on ticket submission form.
Bug DEV-2139 Fixed issue with improper email verification for logged in users.