Release Details

Release Date 25th April 2019
Release Type Stable - Major

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 2.5 from 2.4 for important changes in this release.

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-763 Added embeddable help widget.
Feature DEV-1014 Added ticket trash can and option to restore deleted tickets.
Feature DEV-1198 Added domain setting for organisation to automatically link new users based on their email domain.
Feature DEV-2037 Added a revision history for articles.
Feature DEV-2055 Added a command for the installation and upgrade so it can be performed on the CLI.
Improvement DEV-1922 Improved handling of model events during database transactions.
Improvement DEV-1937 Added option to change ticket brand in the tickets API.
Improvement DEV-1972 The frontend now respects the default ticket reply order in the ticket general settings.
Improvement DEV-2001 Better handling of user updating their email address on the frontend.
Improvement DEV-2002 Better handling of operator updating their email address in the operator panel.
Improvement DEV-2003 Removed the own password confirmation from the manage operator form.
Improvement DEV-2005 Indexed several timestamp columns for better performance.
Improvement DEV-2010 Added option to set the created_at timestamp for new tickets in the tickets API.
Improvement DEV-2014 Added a 'None' option for the ticket SLA plan condition.
Improvement DEV-2022 The 'all users' option in mass email now only emails users in the selected brand.
Improvement DEV-2029 Improved spam rule performance and logging.
Improvement DEV-2030 Split user 'confirmed' attribute in to a new attribute 'active' to allow disabling their account.
Improvement DEV-2031 Redactor is now used as the text editor on Twitter tickets.
Improvement DEV-2042 Added a confirmation popup when merging tickets.
Improvement DEV-2046 Increased canned response modal size to match screen size.
Improvement DEV-2051 The tickets API now checks spam rules when opening new tickets and posting new replies.
Improvement DEV-2064 Added ability to search canned responses in the ticket view by multiple tags.
Improvement DEV-2071 Added option to disable Gravatar.
Bug DEV-1283 Fixed issue with restarting transactions after deadlocks.
Bug DEV-2011 Fixed issue with authenticated users being unable to download attachments.
Bug DEV-2012 Fixed possibility of deleting ticket by deleting only message on ticket when not having the delete ticket permission.
Bug DEV-2015 The remove CC condition is no longer case sensitive.
Bug DEV-2017 The user/operator reply macro event hook now fires before the email is generated.
Bug DEV-2020 Fixed issue with macro schedule option when using a different timezone.
Bug DEV-2023 Fixed unrestricted plugin routes being governed by unnecessary middleware.
Bug DEV-2024 Fixed incorrect purify settings on the Redactor form helper.
Bug DEV-2026 Fixed broken avatar on frontend ticket grid for tickets belonging to other users.
Bug DEV-2028 Fixed 500 error when downloading non-existent raw email log.
Bug DEV-2032 Fixed issue with open new ticket button on edit user page.
Bug DEV-2033 Fixed issue clearing a user's groups via API.
Bug DEV-2034 Fixed issue with per-brand SAML configurations.
Bug DEV-2035 Removed link to Facebook user accounts as no longer functioning.
Bug DEV-2045 Fixed difference in Redactor plugins on open new ticket page versus the ticket view.
Bug DEV-2049 Fixed merge field preview errors when there are no self-service types in the system.
Bug DEV-2050 Fixed JS error when polling for replies right after adding a CC user to a ticket.
Bug DEV-2052 Fixed add self-service link option on ticket view not working in mobile.
Bug DEV-2053 Fixed inconsistency in active operators on the ticket grid versus the ticket view.
Bug DEV-2054 Fixed blank alert shown when attempting to change the license in the upgrader.
Bug DEV-2066 Fixed issue when attempting to use S3 for the filesystem.
Bug DEV-2070 Stopped 'registered users only' email being sent to a blocked sender (via a spam rule).