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Release Date 31st March 2017
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Features

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-738 Email subaddressing support.
Improvement DEV-597 Added ability to create new user and assign to ticket in the ticket view.
Improvement DEV-776 Added ability to sort by user, department and other columns in the ticket grid.
Improvement DEV-917 Improved activity logging for macros.
Improvement DEV-918 Improved performance of searching on large databases.
Improvement DEV-1032 Form buttons are now disabled on submission to avoid double clicking.
Improvement DEV-1065 Added support for non-standard destination email headers.
Improvement DEV-1093 Added handling for encapsulated RFC 822 emails.
Improvement DEV-1193 Improved activity logging of emails sent to users and operators.
Improvement DEV-1196 Operators are now emailed by BCC, so you cannot see who else it was sent to.
Improvement DEV-1227 Added ability to set a custom FROM name for each department.
Improvement DEV-1293 Now using a dynamic and real-time JS solution for timestamps rather than plain PHP.
Improvement DEV-1326 Can now optionally notify users when "Disable user email replies" setting is enabled.
Improvement DEV-1352 Now accepts tickets opened by department email addresses.
Improvement DEV-1389 Added user notes to the ticket view.
Improvement DEV-1390 Removed references to SupportPal in the frontend JS.
Improvement DEV-1395 Added ability to change or disable operator email templates per department.
Improvement DEV-1396 Added ability to change or disable attachment rejected email template per department.
Improvement DEV-1412 Allow HTTP verbs in htaccess in case they are disabled by default in the Apache configuration.
Improvement DEV-1415 API - added ability to filter tickets by assigned operator(s).
Improvement DEV-1416 Now possible to collapse the sidebar boxes throughout in the operator panel.
Improvement DEV-1418 The operator password confirmation is now cached briefly so you don't need to enter it constantly if adding/editing several operators in a short time.
Improvement DEV-1428 The email log and queue now shows CC recipients too and the list is shortened if more than 2 emails.
Improvement DEV-1429 When clicking filter results, a condition is added by default if there are currently none.
Improvement DEV-1451 Fall back to operator name on ticket message in ticket grid if operator no longer exists.
Improvement DEV-1465 Added support for text/plain flowed email formats.
Improvement DEV-1468 Now hides send email checkboxes if relevant department email template is disabled.
Improvement DEV-1469 Added option to disable sending an email to users when they open a ticket at the frontend per department.
Improvement DEV-1491 API - added ability to filter tickets by a given ticket filter.
Improvement DEV-1494 Split routes JS between frontend and operator panel.
Improvement DEV-1502 Add file extension to embedded email images.
Improvement DEV-1506 Now uses parent department name on frontend and in emails for subdepartments by default for new installations.
Improvement DEV-1514 Show additional ticket details on the ticket grid.
Improvement DEV-1520 Added additional ticket columns to improve performance of some tasks.
Improvement DEV-1527 Added CSS for <pre> tags so it wraps and stands out more.
Improvement DEV-1534 Added ability to disable 2FA on the edit operator page.
Improvement DEV-1558 Can now create languages folders with regions in them.
Bug DEV-1148 Ticket CC email addresses are emailed more than once if the TO emails are split.
Bug DEV-1270 On some occasions emails were not imported due to trying to add a duplicate user.
Bug DEV-1328 Email parser has trouble handling if multiple Content-Type's are defined in the email header.
Bug DEV-1330 Email batch is sometimes prematurely deleted.
Bug DEV-1341 Ticket-related email templates are incorrectly showing a '1' in the preview.
Bug DEV-1343 Unable to process emails that have attachments but no message.
Bug DEV-1351 Email is truncated even if the user has only added their message below the reply above line.
Bug DEV-1358 Recent activity in ticket grid sidebar shows activity from departments you're not assigned to.
Bug DEV-1376 Ticket custom fields are can sometime show empty if all fields have no options.
Bug DEV-1381 The product tour department step can sometimes point to the wrong department.
Bug DEV-1383 Inactive tickets scheduled task closes tickets when operator posts a note.
Bug DEV-1386 Unable to view merge field previews if operator doesn't have permission to view email templates.
Bug DEV-1387 The "send email to user" activity log message has the incorrect link.
Bug DEV-1388 Feedback forms are not sent under some conditions when tickets are closed by the inactive tickets task.
Bug DEV-1393 Incorrect page title on user profile page.
Bug DEV-1394 Ticket tags can be added multiple times.
Bug DEV-1397 Updating department on ticket with no department email throws a JS error.
Bug DEV-1399 Unable to create organisation custom fields with options.
Bug DEV-1400 Operators are unable to reply to locked tickets by email.
Bug DEV-1402 Exception raised when creating or replying to a ticket having not selected any valid department from address when the option exists.
Bug DEV-1413 Exception raised when viewing a department that doesn't exist.
Bug DEV-1421 Custom fields are not purged when using the 'Close & Lock' option.
Bug DEV-1442 Unable to click show details on email replies when it's been dynamically added by polling.
Bug DEV-1446 WHMCS Information plugin breaks if you don't define details for default brand but only for other brands.
Bug DEV-1453 Images are stretched on ticket view when it has a height defined but is already at 100% width.
Bug DEV-1454 Organisation managers can still add users when user registration is disabled.
Bug DEV-1457 Fatal error when calling trying to use a date-related filtering condition with empty date.
Bug DEV-1460 Error transferring organisation ownership without specifying owner.
Bug DEV-1461 Language string missing for escalation rules in ticket view tabs.
Bug DEV-1463 Reply-all option incorrectly visible on some converted internal tickets.
Bug DEV-1475 API - department store and update methods do not work as intended (now removed).
Bug DEV-1484 PDOException raised in some cases where it cannot find driver.
Bug DEV-1486 Expand all messages button doesn't work in Firefox.
Bug DEV-1487 Feedback forms incorrectly sent to CC users.
Bug DEV-1497 Can't order by brand on user grid.
Bug DEV-1503 User organisation name merge field doesn't work.
Bug DEV-1521 Issues with closing inactive tickets when several hundred tickets open at once.
Bug DEV-1537 Merge fields do not work in the macro add note action.
Bug DEV-1539 Filter last replier condition can throw an exception in some rare situations.
Bug DEV-1549 Remember me not working when using 2FA.
Bug DEV-1555 Unable to order by name on operator grid.