3.0.0 Beta 2

Release Details

Release Date 1st April 2020
Release Type Beta

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 3.0 from 2.6 and the 3.0.0 Release Notes for important changes in this release.


Type Issue Description
Improvement DEV-2299 Removed unminified JS files from build.
Improvement DEV-2302 Enforced a max PHP version in the system requirements.
Improvement DEV-2303 Forced switching back to default templates during upgrade.
Improvement DEV-2305 No longer logging JS warnings in console in production.
Improvement DEV-2320 All custom plugins are deactivated during upgrade.
Improvement DEV-2321 Limited selectable brands for creating new users and organisations to only those you are assigned to.
Bug DEV-2296 Fixed help widget preview only loading mobile view.
Bug DEV-2298 Fixed articles set to registered users only showing in wrong cases when searching on frontend.
Bug DEV-2300 Fixed several IE11 support issues.
Bug DEV-2306 Fixed the score not updating after rating a comment.
Bug DEV-2307 Fixed user and operator group grids not loading.
Bug DEV-2308 Fixed JS error in jQuery validation.
Bug DEV-2309 Fixed issue with quote button toggling the reply form.
Bug DEV-2311 Renamed views in channels to match new template file names.
Bug DEV-2312 Fixed ticket auto save draft not working.
Bug DEV-2313 Fixed jQuery validation stopping ticket replies being posted in some cases.
Bug DEV-2314 Fixed RSS feed using wrong route parameters.
Bug DEV-2315 Fixed Slack notifications not working due to wrong route parameters.
Bug DEV-2316 Fixed signature having 'Dear [name]' prepended to it automatically.
Bug DEV-2317 Fixed jQuery validation unexpectedly scrolling to top of page on some errors.
Bug DEV-2318 Fixed validation errors on privates messages isn't red.
Bug DEV-2319 Fixed tabs in some core plugins not working.
Bug DEV-2324 Fixed view hook events missing from login page.
Bug DEV-2326 Fixed remember me option not working when using LDAP.
Bug DEV-2327 Fixed composer prepend-autoloader should be false for all plugins.
Bug DEV-2332 Fixed WHMCS information plugin showing sub-account tag in wrong cases.
Bug DEV-2333 Removed X-Auto-Response-Suppress header from auto-response detection.
Bug DEV-2334 Fixed multiple new lines being added unexpectedly when pasting in to editor in some cases.