Third-Party Integrations: Twitter

Allow users to log in and sign up with their Twitter account, an option available under our Social Login integrations.



To set up Twitter, you must have a Twitter account with a mobile number set on it.

Activate or Deactivate Integration

The Twitter integration is disabled by default and needs to be activated before use.

  1. Visit Settings -> General -> Third-Party Integrations.
  2. Find the Twitter integration and click the "Activate" link located on the left of the table.
  3. The page will reload confirming the integration has been activated.

Third-Party Integrations

The integration can be deactivated by following the above process, but using the "Deactivate" link instead.

Integration Settings

To set up the Twitter integration, you will need to set up a Twitter application, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Twitter Developers portal - - and sign in to your Twitter account.
  2. Click "Projects & Apps" in the sidebar and then "Overview".
    Twitter Project & Apps
  3. Click on "New Project".
    Twitter New Project
  4. Give your project a name and click "Next".
    Twitter Project Name
  5. Select 'Build customized solutions in-house' for the use case of the project, and click "Next".
    Twitter Project Use Case
  6. Enter a description for the project, and click "Next".
    Twitter Project Description
  7. Enter a name for the app that will belong to the project, this must be unique, so it may be worth choosing a name that related to your organisation's name, and then click "Complete".
    Twitter App Name
  8. You will now see the API key and secret, these should be copied in to SupportPal.
    Twitter App Keys
  9. Click on "Settings" under Twitter on the third-party integrations page, and enter the API key and API key secret. Click "Save".
    Twitter Third-Party Integration
    Twitter Third-Party Integration Settings
  10. Go back to Twitter and click on "App Settings" at the bottom. Scroll to Authentication Settings and click on "Edit".
    Twitter App Authentication Settings
  11. Toggle the "Enable 3-legged OAuth" and "Request email address from users" options and copy the callback URL from the SupportPal integration settings page. Enter the remaining required details and click "Save".
    Twitter App Authentication Settings

Enabling Twitter Social Login

To enable the Twitter login option for your users, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings -> Users -> Social Login, and click "Manage" on the right of the Twitter box. If the option is not there, please ensure you have completed the above set-up of the integration correctly.
  2. Press the toggle to enable the social login. If you have multiple brands, you will have the option to enable or disable for each brand.
  3. Press "Submit".

It should now be successfully configured, we recommend to try the login as a test user to verify it works.


Add Mobile Phone

Your Twitter account must have a mobile phone set on it to be able to create applications. Please set up a mobile phone and then try to create the application again.