The core module contains basic functionality of the help desk that cannot be removed. For example, audit logs, internal operator messages and the dashboard.


The dashboard presents useful information when an operator logs in. The dashboard is compiled with several widgets which each operator can move around, add and remove widgets as they feel to make the dashboard best fit them.

Merge Fields

Merge fields are a great way for you to personalise messages sent to the end-user. For example, you may wish to address each user by name when sending a group e-mail or simply save yourself the time when writing a canned response!

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts available when using the operator panel and managing tickets to help with your workflow.


The search bar in the header of the operator panel allows staff to search SupportPal for users and tickets matching the term.


The utilities section of the helpdesk contains audit events for the majority of actions performed. All logs can be pruned in the "System Cleanup" page to reduce the size of the database tables. Within this section you can also manage the license associated with the installation.