Release Details

Release Date 2nd February 2017
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Improvement DEV-403 Added support for the 'Reply-To' email header.
Improvement DEV-574 Added support for drag and drop attachments.
Improvement DEV-692 Added support for long unicode slugs.
Improvement DEV-830 Added error message when trying to upload a file with an invalid file attachment or too large in size.
Improvement DEV-863 Now showing active scheduled SLA escalation rules in the ticket view.
Improvement DEV-975 No longer uses the default reply options when writing ticket notes.
Improvement DEV-1055 API - Hides showing the encrypted user password throughout the API.
Improvement DEV-1070 Initial support for SAML authentication.
Improvement DEV-1088 Now asks for current password when saving a new password for yourself or updating an operator account.
Improvement DEV-1138 Can now set a default priority and department per Twitter/Facebook account.
Improvement DEV-1187 Added an online log file manager for quick and easy access to logs generated by the system.
Improvement DEV-1233 Tickets API - Now fetches user ID from user email address if user already exists or creates a new user.
Improvement DEV-1246 Redactor no longer keeps formatting when pasting text from the clipboard.
Improvement DEV-1250 SimpleAuth will now create a new user account if one doesn't exist for the email provided.
Improvement DEV-1251 API - No longer require firstname and lastname for new users.
Improvement DEV-1264 Added name of person performing action to HipChat and Slack notifications.
Improvement DEV-1287 Ticket and self-service tags are now ordered in alphabetic order.
Improvement DEV-1299 The ticket log is only loaded and refreshed when it has been actively viewed.
Improvement DEV-1324 Desktop notifications are now clickable and open the relevant ticket.
Improvement DEV-1325 Organisations are no longer automatically deleted when the only user in it has been removed by an operator.
Improvement DEV-1373 API - Added assigned operators information to ticket records.
Bug DEV-732 Exception raised when ticket channel account no longer exists for a social media ticket.
Bug DEV-820 Exception raised when trying to download an attachment without ticket number.
Bug DEV-840 Able to enter a longer name for ticket and self-service tags in the UI than possible in the database.
Bug DEV-842 AJAX POST requests without CSRF token present causes the current token to become invalid.
Bug DEV-906 Unable to load feedback form when ticket is locked.
Bug DEV-922 Signature is included when saving a new canned response on reply.
Bug DEV-937 Exception raised when trying to import an empty Facebook message.
Bug DEV-1129 Editing a message that is loaded by AJAX includes 'Show more' text.
Bug DEV-1149 Can't force reconnect while within PDO transaction and connection lost.
Bug DEV-1163 Unable to post a note on a Facebook ticket.
Bug DEV-1210 Exception raised when default_resolved_status is null.
Bug DEV-1220 Exception raised when trying to load a grid that has a ticket with no messages.
Bug DEV-1243 User email log shows emails for all brands.
Bug DEV-1253 Inherit global settings option for brand is always using PHP mail.
Bug DEV-1259 String comparisons in action conditions are case sensitive.
Bug DEV-1260 String comparisons in action conditions don't work with multi-byte strings.
Bug DEV-1263 Notes show blank until loaded by AJAX (when the header is clicked on).
Bug DEV-1266 Operators assigned to a department by group are not emailed ticket updates.
Bug DEV-1268 Posting a ticket note deletes draft replies (not only draft notes).
Bug DEV-1269 Email details popup becomes visible when toggling between note/reply
Bug DEV-1272 PHP Info page is blank if phpinfo() has been disabled.
Bug DEV-1286 API - User/Operator password cannot be updated
Bug DEV-1290 Multiple field type in feedback form doesn't save correctly.
Bug DEV-1295 Password field type is not needed in feedback forms.
Bug DEV-1322 Other viewing operators incorrectly shown on posting a new message.
Bug DEV-1327 Macros are incorrectly running on some combination of condition groups.
Bug DEV-1332 Emails count towards frontend ticket throttling.
Bug DEV-1334 Unable to filter by 'user brand' on manage users page.
Bug DEV-1338 User organisation search is not limited by user brand.
Bug DEV-1342 Failed to import emails missing 'Content-Type' header.
Bug DEV-1348 Mass email can disappear when left to run via the cron.
Bug DEV-1349 Mass reply on ticket grid does not email users despite checkbox for option being ticked.
Bug DEV-1373 Unable to uncheck the organisation notifications option for users in the operator panel.
Bug DEV-1375 Related articles not showing on the submit ticket page.
Bug DEV-1379 Ticket number missing in some cases when using add ticket reply action in an automatic macro.
Bug DEV-1380 Add ticket reply action adding as user in some cases on automatic macros.