Release Details

Release Date 3rd November 2022
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes


Command Location Changes

The app:backup, app:restore, and app:update commands have been moved to the new app-manager folder. These commands must now be called from this folder, for example:

php app-manager/artisan app:update


cd app-manager
php artisan app:update

Only the app:backup command will continue to work from the main directory for now, but will this no longer work from our next major version (5.0.0), so we encourage to update any usage of this command.

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#2950 PHP 8.1 support.
Feature helpdesk#2844 Ticket keyboard shortcuts.
Feature helpdesk#2332 Mention operator in ticket message.
Improvement helpdesk#2999 Add canned responses and self-service links editor options to follow ups.
Improvement helpdesk#2998 Clip all reply lines from inbound emails.
Improvement helpdesk#2987 Cleanup /tmp after creating files/directories.
Improvement helpdesk#2961 Allow custom reply cannot be posted message per channel.
Improvement helpdesk#2960 Allow adding notes/forwards when a reply cannot be posted.
Improvement helpdesk#2955 Check SupportPal supported version when checking if an add-on update is available.
Improvement helpdesk#2948 Show attachments sent in email log.
Improvement helpdesk#2945 Improve executable finder.
Improvement helpdesk#2853 System update file restoration.
Improvement helpdesk#2849 Add requirements check to system update.
Improvement helpdesk#2681 Replace operator signatures with operator reply templates.
Bug helpdesk#3004 Health checks shown in wrong locale.
Bug helpdesk#3003 Removed attachments still send when forwarding a ticket.
Bug helpdesk#3002 View cache cleared on every request when add-on updates available.
Bug helpdesk#3000 Unable to add reply via macro on new twilio tickets.
Bug helpdesk#2996 Unique key error when inputting the same phone number multiple times.
Bug helpdesk#2993 Ticket grid quick actions disabled when clicking merge and then cancelling.
Bug helpdesk#2992 Scheduled task duplicated on Twitter/Facebook channel update.
Bug helpdesk#2991 Call to a member function getMediaType() on null.
Bug helpdesk#2988 Unable to delete attachments in descending reply mode.
Bug helpdesk#2986 Can't delete binary path set in system update or marketplace settings.
Bug helpdesk#2985 Add-ons published with releases doesn't get updated in docker deployments.
Bug helpdesk#2979 Re-fetch available add-on updates count after updating an add-on.
Bug helpdesk#2978 WYSIWYG editor initialisation fails on multidimensional content.
Bug helpdesk#2972 Filesystem backup fails when storage directory is changed.
Bug helpdesk#2971 Integrity verification times out during restore.
Bug helpdesk#2970 Phar data extra space consumption.
Bug helpdesk#2913 Cannot have two internal types with the same slug over different brands.
Bug helpdesk#2218 Unable to update locked custom field over the API.
Bug helpdesk#1922 Simplify changing storage directory path.