Core Settings

System settings are configured via the core module. The settings can be accessed by going via the Settings link.

API Tokens

API Tokens must be created in order to authenticate with the API. Token access levels can be controlled at either read only or read and write access.


Streamline your support across multiple brands (companies) within a single installation of SupportPal.

Email Templates

Email templates are used when sending emails to both users and operators. Email templates can be localised, and merge fields can be utilised to fill in useful details based on the user or ticket details.

General Settings

General system settings, including email and locale settings.

IP Bans

To stop abusive users you have the ability of banning an IP address. This will prevent those users from being able to access your help desk. You can create two different types of IP bans, a permanent ban which will never expire (unless manually deleted) or a time based ban which will automatically expire after the specified time period.

IP Whitelist

Often users we trust are banned from the help desk due to too many failed login attempts. To prevent these trusted users from being blocked by an IP ban, their IP addresses can be added to the IP whitelist.


Manage the language packs installed on your helpdesk.


The application is split out into various modules, it is possible to disable some modules if you do not need them.


Plugins are general add-ons that extra functionality that is separate to the core features of the help desk. Each plugin is independent and can be easily activated or deactivated.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks are used to perform a variety of tasks necessary for keeping your installation running smoothly. Scheduled tasks, sometimes referred to as "cron jobs", can be used to automatically purge stagnant tickets, check social media accounts, and check emails.

Spam Rules

To prevent spam from entering the help desk, you can create spam rules which will prevent a user from being able to perform specific actions if their message contains a specific phrase which you would like to filter out.

Third-Party Integrations

An area to configure connection (API or app) details for third-party providers that are utilised in various places in the system. Available providers include Google and Microsoft, and use cases include SMTP and IMAP through OAuth and social login.


Widgets are panels shown on the operator panel dashboard that should be used to give helpful data or tools to operators.