Release Details

Release Date 18th January 2024
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Improvement helpdesk#3262 Add limit for maximum number of CC email addresses on a ticket
Improvement helpdesk#3258 View and store ticket feedback via API
Improvement helpdesk#3252 Allow configuring temporary folder for upgrade
Improvement helpdesk#3249 Hide PCNTL PHP extension optional requirement when not using CLI
Improvement helpdesk#3247 Improve graceful shutdown of Docker Monolithic
Improvement helpdesk#3234 Add health check for failed background jobs
Improvement helpdesk#3149 Save more details about canned response usage
Improvement helpdesk#3050 Add confirmation prompt to block user option
Bug helpdesk#3274 Internal ticket owner not notified when a note is posted on the ticket
Bug helpdesk#3273 Quoted content in a forward is hidden if you toggle it twice
Bug helpdesk#3272 System update breaks when system URL is invalid
Bug helpdesk#3270 Editor more formatting options not showing on mobile
Bug helpdesk#3268 Search index seeds sometimes fail to run on Docker
Bug helpdesk#3267 ws:serve and mq:start commands error if application is not ready
Bug helpdesk#3266 Unable to update when open_basedir in effect
Bug helpdesk#3265 Phone number not verified warning showing incorrectly
Bug helpdesk#3263 Pace progress bar completes slowly on Firefox
Bug helpdesk#3261 Unable to search for operators when changing user on a ticket
Bug helpdesk#3260 Ticket hooks should run before related notification is sent out
Bug helpdesk#3251 AuthenticationException not handled in viewing single message on frontend
Bug helpdesk#3246 RSS feed articles are ordered by created date rather than published date