Release Details

Release Date 12th May 2022
Release Type Stable - Major

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 4.0 from 3.7 for important changes in this release.

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#2820 Add a channel to import WhatsApp messages.
Feature helpdesk#2797 Add a channel to import incoming voice calls.
Feature helpdesk#2796 Add a channel to import SMS messages.
Feature helpdesk#2722 Create an add-on marketplace.
Feature helpdesk#2636 Add phone number verification system.
Feature helpdesk#2541 Add system health checks.
Feature helpdesk#2416 Add emoji autocomplete support to the editor.
Feature helpdesk#2344 Ability to install and activate language packs.
Improvement helpdesk#2833 Allow auth function/facade usage in mail policy.
Improvement helpdesk#2818 Remove keywords field from self-service articles.
Improvement helpdesk#2809 Upgrade Docker ha deployment from Debian buster to bullseye.
Improvement helpdesk#2808 Sort operators by formatted name on ticket grid dropdowns.
Improvement helpdesk#2802 Ability to preview audio/mp3 files.
Improvement helpdesk#2801 Change "last message content" condition to include notes.
Improvement helpdesk#2800 Updating phone numbers removes and re-adds unchanged records from database.
Improvement helpdesk#2798 Update twig to v3.
Improvement helpdesk#2790 Transform deprecated HTML4 width attribute on inbound emails.
Improvement helpdesk#2789 Require PHP 7.4 or above.
Improvement helpdesk#2785 Remove Internet Explorer 11 support.
Improvement helpdesk#2764 Add open graph meta tags to the client area.
Improvement helpdesk#2743 Move add-ons to new directory structure.
Improvement helpdesk#2630 Disable addons when an upgrade is available.
Improvement helpdesk#2572 Replace Redactor editor with TinyMCE.
Improvement helpdesk#2367 Require PHP ext-hash.
Improvement helpdesk#2351 Change default API article search ordering to weight column.
Improvement helpdesk#2237 Differentiate between opened on behalf of tickets.
Bug helpdesk#2846 OAuth access token expiration leeway.
Bug helpdesk#2840 Possible PHP error when adding translated tag to ticket.
Bug helpdesk#2838 Improper HTML encoding in mass email from name.
Bug helpdesk#2836 Attribute type casts missing on translation models.
Bug helpdesk#2835 Datepicker can be initialised multiple times on the same element.
Bug helpdesk#2828 Race condition sometimes prevents successful jquery form validation.
Bug helpdesk#2827 Unable to preview email template when message is in trash.
Bug helpdesk#2826 * directory incorrectly created on docker deployments in customisation directories.
Bug helpdesk#2824 Pusher cloud validation fails when self-hosted data present.
Bug helpdesk#2823 Ticket notes and forward messages incorrectly included in first response time reports.
Bug helpdesk#2821 Database validation rules bypassed on array data.
Bug helpdesk#2819 Intended URL lost when using SAML without dual login.
Bug helpdesk#2816 OAuth redirect uri missing for default brand on Google and Microsoft integrations.
Bug helpdesk#2815 Poll replies sometimes loads your own replies.
Bug helpdesk#2814 Uncaught TypeError when viewing an email in the client area.
Bug helpdesk#2813 SAML does not work on docker monolithic deployments.
Bug helpdesk#2812 Unable to send emails which contain the same address in TO/CC fields.
Bug helpdesk#2811 Unable to set avatar when creating new user/operator.
Bug helpdesk#2810 Unable to unlink merged tickets.
Bug helpdesk#2806 Ticket CC addresses should not be case sensitive.
Bug helpdesk#2804 Cache conflict when setting clipped message URL.
Bug helpdesk#2794 Possible to reply using HTML on plain-text only channels.
Bug helpdesk#2793 Users should not be created from CC addresses when Registered Users Only is enabled.
Bug helpdesk#2788 Unable to load ticket when WHMCS user isn't associated with an account.
Bug helpdesk#2786 System update log wiped after completion.
Bug helpdesk#2765 Email details dropdown closes when trying to copy text within it.
Bug helpdesk#2642 Plain text lost when combining encapsulated emails.
Bug helpdesk#2433 'Add Self-Service article' doesn't work when user does not have permission.
Bug helpdesk#2420 Addons with the same name have conflicting namespaces.
Bug helpdesk#2010 Tickets can be assigned to SLA plans where conditions do not match.
Bug helpdesk#1369 Email clipping sometimes removes too much content.
Performance helpdesk#2837 Several thousand canned responses slow down merge field preview.
Performance helpdesk#2531 Reduce memory usage of system cleanup tasks.
Performance helpdesk#2365 Remove unnecessary getOperators call from ticket grid sidebar.