SupportPal has a number of features enabling developers to customise the software to their preference.

Language Packs

A language pack lets you display the system in a different locale. Follow our development guide to build your own language pack.

Plugin Development

A plugin lets you add an individual bit of additional functionality, or allows modifying data that is being handled by the system. Follow our development guide to build your own useful plugin.

Report Development

A report is a set of statistics, charts and tables that can be used to monitor performance of your help desk. Follow our development guide to build your own useful report.


The SupportPal REST API can be used to access data and perform actions available in SupportPal from external applications.

SAML Authentication

SupportPal supports Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML), which allows you to provide single sign-on (SSO) authentication for both users and operators. Different identity providers can be configured for both users and operators to allow greater flexibility.

SimpleAuth (SSO)

SimpleAuth is an automatic authentication method (single sign-on) to allow you to log users in to SupportPal from third party code/software. Useful in integrations with other client management software, it will generate a session for the user without them having to do anything or requiring the user's password.


SupportPal makes use of the Twig template system. Twig is a fast, secure and flexible template engine for PHP. Twig template files use the .twig file extension and are stored in the /resources/templates directory.

Updating Config Files

Advance users may wish to further configure the application using documented environment variables.