The dashboard presents useful information when an operator logs in. The dashboard is compiled with several widgets which each operator can move around, add and remove widgets as they feel to make the dashboard best fit them.

As an administrator you are able to remove and give permissions on a per group basis setting which groups are entitled to use which widgets.


Dashboard Widgets

Widget Name Description
Activity Log The activity log is a short overview of the main System Activity Log.
SupportPal Announcements Announcements is a feed of the latest news posted to our public blog. This includes new updates, security fixes and other announcements.
Getting Started By default we include a getting started widget which runs for the first operator that logs into the help desk. This provides a comprehensive product tour and should give the operator a good idea of where things are within the software. As actions are performed within the help desk, the checklist will be checked off. Enabling and disabling the product tour does so for all operators.
Operator Notes This is a personal notepad for your operator. Any text inserted into this text box is not shared between every operator and is unique for that operator alone.
Operator Login Log This is an overview of the times and dates when your operators have logged into the system. You can also view login logs by seeing Operator Login Log.
System Overview

The system overview allows your operators to see how many tickets are open, closed, assigned to you, due soon, overdue, requiring reply and unassigned tickets.

These reflect the operators department. For example, if an operator is logged in and is assigned to the "Support" department and a sales ticket comes in, that operator will not see that ticket in the dashboard overview as awaiting reply.

To-Do List Similar to the notepad list, the to-do list is unique for each operator. A to-do list one operator creates will not be visible by another operator. Operators can use this to remind them to do certain things such as getting back to people.

Operators will have the choice of "Mark as done" which will then highlight the to-do form in a green background.
Version Check Check what version of SupportPal you are running compared to the latest version. Also provides the status of the support and updates if you are running an owned license.

How to Shuffle Widgets

It is very easy to move the widgets to where you want them to be. Simply click on the title of the widget (Or the light blue background it sits in) and drag it to the position you want it to be in.

How to Add or Remove Widgets

To add or remove a widget click on the Add / Remove Widgets button located near the top right corner just under your username.

A popup box will appear allowing to choose from which widgets you would like to appear on the dashboard. Simply select the ones you want and click the Save button which will automatically save and show you your new dashboard.