Release Details

Release Date 15th May 2018
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-349 Social login options for users.
Feature DEV-469 Added reports for measuring the busiest department, time of day, day of week and month.
Feature DEV-816 Added support for reCAPTCHA v2 and invisible reCAPTCHA.
Feature DEV-1111 Allow changing the brand of ticket.
Feature DEV-1140 Added previews for ticket attachments for certain file types.
Feature DEV-1155 Added support for internal (operator-only) self-service types.
Feature DEV-1744 A brand colour can be set which applies a colour scheme based on it throughout the system.
Feature DEV-1754 Can now clone an existing self-service article as the basis of a new article.
Feature DEV-1807 Added option to create an external link as a self-service type.
Feature DEV-1829 Added option to pin a self-service article to the top of list view types.
Feature DEV-1865 Added report for tickets by tag.
Feature DEV-1879 Added option to export all data belonging to a single user.
Feature DEV-1882 Added option to automatically prune inactive data, logs and files after a number of days.
Improvement DEV-1297 Now show an option to resend confirmation email on attempted login when still unconfirmed.
Improvement DEV-1323 Can now download raw emails from the system in a format that can be directly imported in to email clients.
Improvement DEV-1336 Improved the failed to send email handling so it allows to retry after 5 failed attempts.
Improvement DEV-1339 Can now re-process incoming emails that were rejected initially.
Improvement DEV-1462 Can now set a custom published date/time on self-service articles.
Improvement DEV-1596 Can now set a custom slug on self-service articles, categories, tags and types.
Improvement DEV-1609 Can now set a default ordering strategy for articles in a type.
Improvement DEV-1678 A custom URL can be set for the frontend logo.
Improvement DEV-1739 Macros can now be set to be limited to certain operator groups or private to a single person.
Improvement DEV-1739 Added article rating, searching and comment rating to the API.
Improvement DEV-1793 Ticket drafts now save attachments along with the text.
Improvement DEV-1804 Added option to select who to email when using the add reply/note action.
Improvement DEV-1806 Improved license validation process after license is re-issued at client area and ready to use again.
Improvement DEV-1808 Added a configuration option to disable the timeago library and show fully formatted times in the system.
Improvement DEV-1809 Added a configuration option to allow showing more articles in a category preview (currently limited to 3).
Improvement DEV-1817 Added an option to filter by 'registered users only' on the articles grid.
Improvement DEV-1819 Added a message option to print an individual reply only.
Improvement DEV-1820 The 'enable SSL' option can now be set per brand.
Improvement DEV-1824 A warning is now shown when navigating away from ticket where a time tracking timer is active.
Improvement DEV-1825 Added user organisations to the operator panel search.
Improvement DEV-1831 Added pagination to the self-service category view.
Improvement DEV-1833 Improved article category hierarchy in the breadcrumb.
Improvement DEV-1837 Improved self-service categories list in the sidebar.
Improvement DEV-1844 Added HTTP methods to the install and upgrade requirements.
Improvement DEV-1847 An operator replying to their own internal ticket now acts as if they were replying like a normal user.
Improvement DEV-1848 The ticket number format now has a stricter set of allowed characters only.
Improvement DEV-1852 The ticket grid footer now sticks to the bottom of the screen.
Improvement DEV-1855 Checkbox, checklist and multiple options custom fields can now be set to be required.
Improvement DEV-1880 Improved 'right to erasure' in ensuring personal data is removed when a user is deleted.
Improvement DEV-1884 Visiting the operator URL for an old (and since merged) ticket will now automatically redirect to the newly merged ticket.
Improvement DEV-1873 The 'send email to user group' action now emails all users separately.
Bug DEV-1425 Now logs emails that have no 'From:' email header rather than just dropping it.
Bug DEV-1717 Fixed some HTML getting dropped in certain multipart/mixed emails.
Bug DEV-1760 Fixed issue where articles become hidden from system when only assigned type is deleted.
Bug DEV-1799 No longer possible for user to change their email when logging via SSO.
Bug DEV-1810 Updated htmlpurifier library that would error when parsing certain strings in PHP 7.2.
Bug DEV-1811 Fixed JS error when posting a note on a Twitter ticket.
Bug DEV-1813 License information is now fully cleared before calling the licensing server.
Bug DEV-1815 Fixed error shown when trying to fetch permissions through the API with an ordering column set.
Bug DEV-1816 Fixed error shown when trying to fetch tickets through the API with an ordering direction set.
Bug DEV-1821 Updating a user no longer wipes the existing user groups attached.
Bug DEV-1826 Fixed self-service categories being hidden when they have no articles despite their children having articles.
Bug DEV-1827 The system will no longer try to use TLS for connecting mail server if available when the encryption is set to 'None'.
Bug DEV-1828 The list of TO recipients for operators will no longer include operators from other brands that shouldn't receive the email.
Bug DEV-1831 Fixed popular and latest article sections incorrectly showing outdated items due to cache.
Bug DEV-1836 Fixed self-service types cache not clearing when re-ordered.
Bug DEV-1839 Removed 'return-path' as a destination header searched when processing an email.
Bug DEV-1842 Fixed incorrect FROM email address used when sending ticket locked notification to a user email reply.
Bug DEV-1845 Linked tickets now only display tickets that the operator is able to view.
Bug DEV-1853 Fixed copy link message option not working after editing the message.
Bug DEV-1853 Fixed issue preventing attachments with a slash in the filename from being downloadable.
Bug DEV-1853 Fixed issue with ticket message 'contains' condition on MySQL 5.6+ not working well with small words or stopwords.
Bug DEV-1859 Fixed error shown by reports dashboard if using the MySQL client driver.
Bug DEV-1859 Fixed error with installation if any of the MySQL details contains a quote.
Bug DEV-1867 Fixed issue with filtering by custom field values in reports.
Bug DEV-1868 Fixed timezone issues when viewing and filtering reports.
Bug DEV-1869 The 'font' element is no longer completely removed from HTML emails.
Bug DEV-1871 Fixed duplicate showing when filtering reports with certain conditions.
Bug DEV-1873 Fixed not being able to forward by department email addresses when a department email is not set on the ticket.
Bug DEV-1889 Fixed cases where the email is sometimes routed to the wrong department because of the 'Delivered-To' email header.
Bug DEV-1890 Fixed issues with using fulltext search special characters in the ticket message 'contains' action.
Bug DEV-1892 Fixed IP address not properly logged in activity log on some actions.
Bug DEV-1900 Pausing due time doesn't remove existing scheduled escalation rules.