Release Details

Release Date 22nd August 2023
Release Type Stable - Major

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 5.0 from 4.2 for important changes in this release.

Notable Changes


Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#3144 Add a clear 'locks' command
Feature helpdesk#3131 Persist addons on docker container installed via marketplace
Feature helpdesk#3123 User organisation invitation system
Feature helpdesk#3095 High availability support via Docker
Feature helpdesk#3068 Support for sql_require_primary_key / innodb_force_primary_key
Feature helpdesk#3065 Use multiple entrypoint scripts in Docker Microservice
Feature helpdesk#3061 Integrate Meilisearch & Algolia
Feature helpdesk#2829 Ability to restore to a different database connection
Feature helpdesk#2803 Register health checks via addons
Feature helpdesk#2341 Ability to create frontend views via addons
Feature helpdesk#2613 Allow multiple email addresses per user
Feature helpdesk#2704 Mark as read/unread ticket grid option
Improvement helpdesk#3147 Add MAILTO directive to Docker Monolithic cron
Improvement helpdesk#3143 Export & print report card data
Improvement helpdesk#3128 Set created_at on ticket messages via API
Improvement helpdesk#3113 Add filter condition for 'ticket has follow up'
Improvement helpdesk#3112 Add permission for internal messaging
Improvement helpdesk#3109 Force users invited to organisation to set their own password
Improvement helpdesk#3100 Allow filtering by 'Public' and 'Operator Group' fields when viewing all macros
Improvement helpdesk#3099 Allow filtering by 'Operator Group' when viewing all canned responses
Improvement helpdesk#3096 Add linked tickets to ticket/ticket API endpoint response
Improvement helpdesk#3093 Ability to store phone number when creating user via SAML
Improvement helpdesk#3090 Add new ticket events to hook macro event options
Improvement helpdesk#3085 Increase minimum DB version to MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB 10.2
Improvement helpdesk#3082 Autofill ticket number when redirected to track ticket page
Improvement helpdesk#3079 Only show operator login notifications to operators within same brands
Improvement helpdesk#3077 Use exponential back off when email queue entries fail to send
Improvement helpdesk#3073 Allow using mentions in follow up, macro and SLA plan actions
Improvement helpdesk#3072 Increase docker compose php-fpm process manager defaults
Improvement helpdesk#3062 Enable Meilisearch search driver in Docker Monolithic
Improvement helpdesk#3046 Update ca bundle in Docker
Improvement helpdesk#3038 Keyboard shortcut for posting reply to ticket
Improvement helpdesk#3036 Prevent search engines from indexing the operator panel
Improvement helpdesk#3033 Change prompt to 'login' for Microsoft OAuth tokens
Improvement helpdesk#3025 Ability to configure PHP binary used by system update and marketplace
Improvement helpdesk#3022 App update should perform backup after checking if update is available
Improvement helpdesk#3017 Combine verbose email log and app debug option
Improvement helpdesk#2995 Support for setting a dark mode favicon
Improvement helpdesk#2963 Hide frontend search if no article self-service types exist
Improvement helpdesk#2914 Disable HTTPS_ENABLED by default in Docker monolithic
Improvement helpdesk#2848 Add activity log messages to add-on manager
Improvement helpdesk#2847 Prevent ticket number collisions
Improvement helpdesk#2692 Replace operator ticket polling with broadcast events
Improvement helpdesk#2647 Include articles in operator search
Improvement helpdesk#2385 SLA plan, due time and breach reporting improvements
Improvement helpdesk#3107 Synchronise template mode with operating system by default
Improvement helpdesk#2347 Copy article search improvements to operator ticket search
Improvement helpdesk#3075 Improved logging for updating ticket tags
Bug helpdesk#3163 Article incorrectly shown as rated when an unauthenticated user rates it once
Bug helpdesk#3158 Fatal PHP error when Twilio message has new line
Bug helpdesk#3146 Incorrect user IP address stored when replying via API
Bug helpdesk#3145 Incorrect ordering of private messages
Bug helpdesk#3135 PHP mail() doesn't work on Docker Microservice
Bug helpdesk#3132 Email parser fails to decode some base64 encoded emails
Bug helpdesk#3125 Addon marketplace errors when a new category is added to marketplace.supportpal.com
Bug helpdesk#3124 Line feeds removed when pasting into editor
Bug helpdesk#3122 Download All doesn't handle multiple files with the same name
Bug helpdesk#3121 Trailing line feeds present in email attachments
Bug helpdesk#3120 PHP TypeError when processing broken address lists
Bug helpdesk#3111 Unable to assign a priority to no frontend departments
Bug helpdesk#3098 Error when trying to merge multiple linked tickets together
Bug helpdesk#3092 Fatal error when removing user from organisation via frontend
Bug helpdesk#3089 Nested HTML documents lost when ran through HTMLPurifier
Bug helpdesk#3087 Wrong old status showing on closing inactive ticket log entries
Bug helpdesk#3086 Database requirements skipped when using JSON config file on CLI install
Bug helpdesk#3084 Exception when searching canned responses for a specific tag and trying to show more results
Bug helpdesk#3076 sv stop fails to correctly stop some services on docker monolithic
Bug helpdesk#3071 Invalid RFC822 From address results in empty user email address
Bug helpdesk#3066 Plugin routes defined in nolocale.php give 404 Not Found
Bug helpdesk#3060 Don't save keys when saving custom field values with options
Bug helpdesk#3058 Pusher validate authentication fails when encryption used
Bug helpdesk#3057 Call to a member function render() on null
Bug helpdesk#3054 Catastrophic regex backtracking when using app.embed_data_uri
Bug helpdesk#3052 Calling opcache_reset() from php-cli doesn't reset php-fpm processes
Bug helpdesk#2891 Editor focus lost after creating list via menu items
Bug helpdesk#2596 Users created from CC address do not respect organisation domains
Bug helpdesk#1771 Validation doesn't require department email per brand
Performance helpdesk#3161 Store metrics for reports
Performance helpdesk#3160 Frontend email history is slow to load
Performance helpdesk#3080 Improve performance of multi-user notifications
Performance helpdesk#3070 Cron causes high CPU usage on Docker Monolithic
Performance helpdesk#3069 Don't keep retrying marketplace if it times out
Performance helpdesk#2322 Use server-side pagination to load table based reports