Release Details

Release Date 1st June 2021
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#2333 Allow phone numbers to be saved to user profile.
Feature helpdesk#2561 Automatically detect user language from their browser settings.
Feature helpdesk#2620 Added app:install options to pass database details non-interactively.
Feature helpdesk#2623 Added API routes for the time tracking plugin.
Feature helpdesk#2626 Allow restricted use of style elements in inbound emails.
Improvement helpdesk#2621 Allow user locale settings to override URL locale.
Improvement helpdesk#2625 Removed o:p elements from inbound Microsoft emails.
Improvement helpdesk#2629 Hide 'Status After Running' column when a status follow up action exists.
Performance helpdesk#2577 Restrict log table queries to a given time period.
Performance helpdesk#2581 Lazy load images in ticket messages.
Performance helpdesk#2588 Crop avatars on the client-side rather than server-side.
Performance helpdesk#2589 Load ticket message drafts via AJAX.
Bug helpdesk#2431 Fixed forward message history leaking operator email addresses.
Bug helpdesk#2607 Fixed share article links when special characters are present in the article title.
Bug helpdesk#2611 Fixed HTML entities being double encoded on the category filter in the articles grid.
Bug helpdesk#2612 Fixed misleading installation error when an invalid license is provided.
Bug helpdesk#2615 Fixed alert boxes not visible on some pages.
Bug helpdesk#2619 Prevent access to the API when maintenance mode is enabled.
Bug helpdesk#2624 Fixed no activity log entry generated when status is changed when setting up a follow up.
Bug helpdesk#2627 Fixed article attribute type casting on installations using libmysqlclient.
Bug helpdesk#2628 Fixed operator email notification preferences sometimes ignored.
Bug helpdesk#2631 Fixed migration error when upgrading from v2 to latest version.
Bug helpdesk#2632 Fixed ticket feedback requests being sent after a ticket has been reopened.
Bug helpdesk#2635 Fixed SQLException when importing email with incorrectly encoded subject.
Bug helpdesk#2640 Fixed periodic failure of OAuth SMTP validation when token has expired.