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Release Date 12th September 2016
Release Type Stable - Minor

Important Notes

Notable Changes

Resource Changes

Many of the changes in the links below are switching from using the asset function to asset_rev for our asset files, a custom function which appends the version number to the file URL. This means files are always fetched fresh when upgrading to a new version, as cached files can commonly affect functionality.


Issue Description
Feature DEV-452 Set default reply options for tickets personally.
Feature DEV-593 Option to disable notifications for organisation managers.
Feature DEV-721 Option to update ticket custom field values as an action.
Feature DEV-726 API - Added option to download self-service article attachment.
Feature DEV-879 Added option to disable organisations.
Improvement DEV-331 Can now add attachments to mass emails.
Improvement DEV-517 Dynamically load large ticket messages in ticket view.
Improvement DEV-616 Improved searching for canned responses.
Improvement DEV-634 Now storing more information on why an email was rejected, and viewable in the log via a tooltip.
Improvement DEV-661 Using the system URL more consistently in emails.
Improvement DEV-668 Added the option to email all users in mass email.
Improvement DEV-670 API - Added option to store user IP on adding ticket or ticket message.
Improvement DEV-689 Added option to disallow replies by email for certain departments.
Improvement DEV-694 Added a description field option for custom fields.
Improvement DEV-701 Make use of asset versioning to reduce effect of cache when upgrading.
Improvement DEV-704 The cron job will check if an upgrade is pending before running.
Improvement DEV-705 Added button to show CC option on ticket view frontend.
Improvement DEV-722 Automatically deletes actions and conditions where the related value has been deleted.
Improvement DEV-723 Added option to change the ticket grid order direction.
Improvement DEV-730 Improved performance of mass emails when sending to a large number of users.
Improvement DEV-731 Redirect to login when attempting to view a protected self-service article unauthenticated.
Improvement DEV-760 Validated login redirects to trusted hosts only.
Improvement DEV-765 Enable SSL option now forces SSL throughout the system.
Improvement DEV-779 Links in ticket messages now open in new windows by default.
Improvement DEV-798 The session expired page is now more friendly.
Improvement DEV-806 Added option to expand and collapse all messages at once.
Improvement DEV-807 Added option to unassign operators and remove tags from the ticket grid.
Improvement DEV-809 Can now save operator-only notes on a user's profile.
Improvement DEV-817 Can now add tags to canned responses.
Improvement DEV-825 Added a web channel setting to not append IP address to user replies.
Improvement DEV-826 Consume all option will try to route to other departments first if no matching email is found.
Improvement DEV-862 Added option to add tags when opening new ticket via operator panel.
Improvement DEV-864 The specific follow up time will now display when loading a ticket that has a follow up set.
Improvement DEV-874 Searching for users is now limited to maximum 20 results at once for performance.
Improvement DEV-880 Added option to add canned response to open new ticket page.
Improvement DEV-903 Reduced the memory used by the last ticket replier condition.
Improvement DEV-910 Automatically fills in the system URL in the installer.
Improvement DEV-911 Separated user and operator permissions.
Improvement DEV-920 Added 'none' option for ticket tag condition.
Bug DEV-678 Handle inactive tickets task can time out when handling too many tickets at once.
Bug DEV-690 Select all checkbox on ticket grid stays ticked after an action.
Bug DEV-693 Reply line not included on custom department email templates.
Bug DEV-695 Email operator option not available on tickets where a department email isn't set.
Bug DEV-699 Canned responses preview incorrectly includes the global email header and footer.
Bug DEV-703 SupportPal announcements widget shows times in UTC rather than your chosen timezone.
Bug DEV-709 Handle if the incorrect permissions are set for Facebook accounts.
Bug DEV-710 An ellipsis is added to textarea when quoting a message which itself has a quoted section.
Bug DEV-711 Handle exception raised when using the wrong number of segments with SimpleAuth.
Bug DEV-718 Updated libraries affected by Httpoxy vulnerability.
Bug DEV-733 Unable to uninstall plugins via operator panel.
Bug DEV-746 Private messages unread count can sometimes include messages that you aren't involved in.
Bug DEV-754 A number of hardcoded English strings in the reports section.
Bug DEV-759 Some HTML entities in the first 100 characters of a message prevents visibility of it in the ticket view.
Bug DEV-761 Login redirect URL is reset if you fail to login.
Bug DEV-774 Unable to change the Inbox filter in certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-781 Incorrect activity log user set when a feedback form is sent.
Bug DEV-789 HTMLPurifier exception on images that are smaller than 12 bytes.
Bug DEV-812 HipChat/Slack notifications show old status on replies.
Bug DEV-829 Ticket grid filter conditions don't update when URL filter is used.
Bug DEV-832 HTML in comments are converted to entities when replying as operator.
Bug DEV-844 Avatars are imported as attachments when replying via Thunderbird.
Bug DEV-845 Incorrect permission checking for php-ldap.
Bug DEV-846 Unable to bind to LDAP server by default, requires changing protocol version.
Bug DEV-851 Special characters in plain text emails are interpreted as HTML.
Bug DEV-873 Send email to operator group action doesn't work with ticket merge fields.
BugDEV-881 Ticket grid sidebar shows blank space in department section when not assigned to any departments.
Bug DEV-884 Unable to delete users from organisation in operator panel.
Bug DEV-898 HTML entity issue in several places in the operator panel.
Bug DEV-921 'Is not' conditions still picking up tickets when it has multiple values.