Personal Settings

Settings for the authenticated operator only. Access by hovering over the user icon in the top right of the screen and clicking "Personal Settings" in the dropdown that appears.



Setting Name Description
First Name Your first name.
Last Name Your last name.
Email Your email address. This email will receive notifications depending on your settings and may be required if you need to reset your password in the future.
Country Your country.
Language Your language.
Timezone Your timezone. Will convert all the times in the system so they are in your timezone.
Avatar You can upload an avatar which is used throughout the system, it will search for a gravatar on your email address if no avatar is uploaded.


Setting Name Description
Template The template viewed when using the operator panel.
Template Mode If the operator panel should be shown in light mode or dark mode.
Results Per Page The number of records that are shown in grids per page, a lower value will generally lead to better performance in loading the results.

Ticket Settings

Setting Name Description
Ticket Reply Order While you have the operator panel open, it will poll for new tickets, replies and other operators logging in. These events can be shown as notifications, the following options are available:
  • System Default - The value set in the General Settings.
  • Ascending - Latest message is last.
  • Descending - Latest message is first.
Default Ticket Filter The ticket filter that is used when clicking the 'Manage Tickets' link. The default value 'None' will show all non-resolved tickets.
Default Reply Options Lets you set what reply options should be set by default when replying to a ticket. The 'Send email to operator(s)' option is dependent on the 'Notify Operators' setting in each department. These options are not used when writing ticket notes.


Setting Name Description
Email Notifications The events on which the system should email you notifications. The following options are available:
  • Tickets - Note that any tickets you watch will send you email notifications regardless of this option.
  • Failed Operator Logins
  • New Comments
  • Operator Message
Display Notifications While you have the operator panel open, it will check for new tickets, user replies, mentions by other operators and private messages. These events can be shown as notifications, the following options are available:
  • Browser Notifications - In-browser notification.
  • Desktop Notifications - Notifications can be seen even if the window in minimised, requires enabling desktop notifications for the URL.
  • None - No notifications at all.