Upgrading to 2.0 from 1.3.3

SupportPal 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the v1.3.3 software and includes many new features: feedback forms, organisations and macros to name but a few.

In order to ease the upgrade process, we have produced an automatic migration script that attempts to copy the vast majority of the v1.3.3 configuration items. This page details the elements of v1.3.3 that are not supported by the migration script and you may wish to manually copy over.


What's Changed?

The following functionality has been changed or removed:

URL Redirection

None of the v1 URLs are supported by the new system. We have provided a list of .htaccess rules to redirect to old URLs to their new location, please uncomment the rules if you would like to use them.

Please note that any self-service articles created prior to 1.3.0 are not supported by the .htaccess rules.

Templates and Email Templates

The template system has been changed from Smarty to Twig in order to leverage more powerful security features. Twig's template syntax differs from Smarty so any custom code will need to be manually converted. Below is a quick example of how the syntax differs between the two systems:


    {if $auth_check}
        Welcome, {$auth_user.formatted_name}!
        You're not logged in.


    {% if auth_check() %}
        Welcome, {{ auth_user().formatted_name }}!
    {% else %}
        You're not logged in.
    {% endif %}

Unsupported Migration Features

The following features are not supported by the migration script and you may wish to manually copy over:

All other functionality is supported by the migration script and will be automatically copied to the new system.