Release Details

Release Date 14th November 2018
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-1977 Added a 'last message content' condition to filters, macros and reports.
Improvement DEV-1470 Can now search by name and email address when entering CC email addresses to a ticket.
Improvement DEV-1530 Can now select an existing organisation when creating a new user while opening a new ticket or changing the user on a ticket.
Improvement DEV-1965 Can now attempt to send Twitter direct messages (DMs) to users who you are not following or they are not following your account.
Improvement DEV-1966 Billing information from Blesta Information, WHMCS Information and WooCommerce plugins is now displayed on the open new ticket form in the operator panel.
Improvement DEV-1971 Ticket creator of internal tickets emailed in are now emailed about the ticket they opened.
Improvement DEV-1982 Encrypted custom field values are now decoded when fetched in the API.
Improvement DEV-1987 Added a warning if attempting to remove the ticket number from relevant email template subjects.
Improvement DEV-1988 Added backwards compatibility support for the old submit ticket links direct to a single department.
Improvement DEV-1991 The operator's default signature is now used when writing a direct email to a user.
Improvement DEV-1994 Operators can now create users without entering a name or password.
Improvement DEV-1995 Improved the performance of the recent activity section in the ticket grid sidebar.
Improvement DEV-1996 Department links in the ticket grid sidebar now load non-resolved tickets by default.
Improvement DEV-2004 Canned response merge fields can now be used in operator signatures.
Bug DEV-1962 Fixed error stopping assigning operators on a new ticket opened over the API.
Bug DEV-1963 Fixed invalid/null ID on tickets when fetching tickets list with certain parameters set.
Bug DEV-1964 No longer able to register an account through the submit ticket form when user registration is disabled.
Bug DEV-1967 Fixed validation error showing when attempting to adjust columns on the ticket grid with just one brand.
Bug DEV-1968 Fixed case sensitivity issue with the installer in Internet Explorer.
Bug DEV-1969 Better handling of an invalid response from the WHMCS API in the WHMCS Information plugin.
Bug DEV-1970 Fixed article translations not displaying properly when viewing an article in the frontend.
Bug DEV-1973 Fixed internal ticket reply email attachment links pointing to frontend instead of operator panel.
Bug DEV-1974 Fixed not being able to set a fixed year for schedule holidays.
Bug DEV-1975 Fixed system requirements showing all file permissions ticked despite not being able to write to the logs folder.
Bug DEV-1978 Fixed using a subdepartment in the 'department' email command setting the department_email_id incorrectly.
Bug DEV-1979 Fixed being able to view internal tickets on the frontend when token is known.
Bug DEV-1980 Fixed attachment downloads not working in Firefox.
Bug DEV-1981 Fixed ticket follow ups not running when they have no actions.
Bug DEV-1978 Fixed using a subdepartment in the department email command setting the department_email_id incorrectly.
Bug DEV-1983 Fixed the 'me' email command incorrectly notifying all operators on a new ticket.
Bug DEV-1985 Fixed being unable to delete attachments from the email queue.
Bug DEV-1986 Fixed some operator email templates that do not consider the brand when selecting which email template to send.
Bug DEV-1989 Fixed automatic and hook macros being private to the operator who created them.
Bug DEV-1990 Fixed fulltext indexes not existing on upgraded systems until certain parts of the code were called.
Bug DEV-1992 Fixed bootstrap cache files no longer being generated in the download leading to issues when upgrading ionCube.
Bug DEV-1993 Fixed add reply and note ticket merge fields broken when being used on multiple tickets in automatic macros.
Bug DEV-1998 Fixed error when entering an empty string as a tag ID for tickets in the API.
Bug DEV-1999 Fixed email template ID '-1' not found error when user reply email template is disabled.
Bug DEV-2000 Fixed Facebook integration not supporting HTTP/2.
Bug DEV-2007 Fixed ticket grid conditions in the URL not decoded correctly when clicking filter results.