Release Details

Release Date 18th March 2024
Release Type Stable - Patch

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Bug helpdesk#3308 Display notifications requires ticket email notification to be enabled
Bug helpdesk#3307 Internal ticket owners unable to reply by email if they are not assigned to department
Bug helpdesk#3306 Deleting a priority deletes the tickets with that priority
Bug helpdesk#3305 Message reply options sometimes unchecked incorrectly
Bug helpdesk#3301 Editor hidden after editing a message and trying to edit it again
Bug helpdesk#3299 SQL error with ticket filters that include a follow up condition
Bug helpdesk#3294 Unable to assign ticket tags from IPv6 IP address
Bug helpdesk#3293 Related articles API endpoint returns same response for all requests
Bug helpdesk#3291 Unable to change REDIS_CACHE_DB environment variable