Using SupportPal

The software is composed of the below modules. The documentation describes in detail how to use each of these and understand some of the more complex functionality intended for power users.

Your Account

The right-hand side of the operator panel header contains everything pertaining to your account. This includes but is not limited to, internal messages received from other staff, your personal preferences and so on.

Add-ons Marketplace

Install free and paid useful add-ons (such as channels, languages and plugins) through our marketplace.


The core module contains basic functionality of the help desk that cannot be removed. For example, audit logs, internal operator messages and the dashboard.


View insightful numbers, charts and tables based on the data in your database.


The self-service area is used to provide useful information and files to your users that they can find and search themselves.


The ticket module lets your customers open requests that your staff can reply to and eventually close once it has been resolved. Also review and make use of feedback provided by users on tickets.


The user module enables you to manage users, operators and organisations. Moreover, you can create custom fields and change how the application functions for users.