Internal Messages

Internal messages is a private messaging system enabling operators to communicate with one another within the help desk.

Basic Usage

To communicate with another operator click on the speech bubbles icon to the right of the search bar in the operator panel header.


The inbox shows a list of all communication that you have had with other operators. By default, the table shows any new messages (most recent activity) first. Any new messages will have their row highlighted in the table.

You can optionally search the table using the search box to the right top right. This allows you to search based on the text within the "Message" and "Last Activity" columns of the table. Alternatively, you can filter the table by last activity using the arrow selectors in the column header.


You can communicate with another operator using the "Compose" tab, simply select whom you would like to speak with, write your message and click the "Send" button.

At this time it is not possible to communicate with multiple operators using the internal message system.