Release Details

Release Date 9th November 2020
Release Type Stable - Minor

Important Notes

Compulsory Template Change

This release contains a change to the user logout mechanism which improves the security of the system (helpdesk#2430). If you've made changes to either the frontend or operator templates, it is necessary to pull all resource changes listed below, otherwise the 'Logout' link will now show a 404 error page.

MySQL Strict Mode

MySQL strict mode offers greater data integrity and application security through additional error checks on all database queries. TRADITIONAL mode has been enabled for new installations. Users upgrading from earlier releases can opt in by removing 'strict' => false from /config/production/database.php.

It is planned to enable strict mode for all existing installations in a future release. If you're a plugin author, please check your plugins compatibility now to avoid breakages when it is enabled.

Email Template Subjects

As part of improvements to threaded email notifications, email subjects are now topic focused in new installations ensuring Gmail correctly groups messages in to a single thread.

Users upgrading from earlier releases will need to manually adjust their email templates if they want to take advantage of this change. Go to Settings -> General -> Email Templates in the operator panel.

User Email Templates Suggested change
  • New ticket opened

    (#{{ ticket.number }}) {{ ticket.subject }}
  • New ticket reply
  • New user reply
  • Ticket closed by operator
  • Ticket closed due to inactivity
  • Waiting for your response

    RE: (#{{ ticket.number }}) {{ ticket.subject }}
  • Attachment rejected
  • Registered users only
  • Reply to locked ticket
  • Ticket email replies disabled

    RE: {{ oSubject }}
Operator Email Templates Suggested change
  • Assigned operator to ticket
  • New internal ticket opened
  • New ticket opened
  • Ticket department changed

    (#{{ ticket.number }}) {{ ticket.subject }}
  • New ticket reply
  • Operator added a ticket note
  • Operator replied to ticket

    RE: (#{{ ticket.number }}) {{ ticket.subject }}

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#1801 Added support for PHP 7.4.
Feature helpdesk#1832 Added support for RFC2633 signed enveloped emails (.p7m attachments).
Feature helpdesk#1985 Added OAuth support for IMAP and SMTP connections.
Feature helpdesk#2380 Added ability to auto-configure email download connection details.
Feature helpdesk#2432 Added support for MariaDB 10.5.
Feature helpdesk#2435 Added SMTP outbound proxy support.
Feature helpdesk#2448 Added debug logging to SMTP mailer.
Improvement helpdesk#1999 Added option to filter non-resolved tickets only on frontend.
Improvement helpdesk#2176 Added 'viewing operator' option for 'involved operator' condition.
Improvement helpdesk#2186 Improved flow after moving ticket to a department which not assigned to.
Improvement helpdesk#2191 Added JS validation to the installer.
Improvement helpdesk#2193 Now remembers whether ticket sidebar is collapsed or open.
Improvement helpdesk#2194 Ticket draft messages from other operators are now collapsible.
Improvement helpdesk#2203 Added new Laravel collection methods to mail security policy.
Improvement helpdesk#2304 Added headers to outbound email notifications for better threading.
Improvement helpdesk#2352 Reduced number of language-related SQL queries.
Improvement helpdesk#2379 Added link to user profile on organisation users page in operator panel.
Improvement helpdesk#2387 Improved warning when trying to uninstall plugins, widgets and channels.
Improvement helpdesk#2388 Added user groups to the organisation users page in operator panel.
Improvement helpdesk#2392 Improved file uploading validation.
Improvement helpdesk#2396 Added 'mail_route' to the mail security policy allowed functions.
Improvement helpdesk#2411 Added 'user has organisation' condition.
Improvement helpdesk#2419 Added option to delete avatar.
Improvement helpdesk#2423 Improved parsing of message/delivery-status components in emails.
Improvement helpdesk#2424 Macro conditions and actions are now ordered by language string.
Improvement helpdesk#2425 Total ticket replies report no longer counts notes or forwards.
Improvement helpdesk#2430 CSRF is now required on the logout route.
Improvement helpdesk#2436 Increased help widget throttling.
Improvement helpdesk#2437 Improved spam checks on tickets submitted via help widget.
Improvement helpdesk#2446 Added description meta tag to articles.
Bug helpdesk#2153 Fixed grid actions toolbar not resetting properly in some cases.
Bug helpdesk#2165 Fixed error in upgrader when using long translation string.
Bug helpdesk#2167 Fixed not correctly downloading Twitter user avatars.
Bug helpdesk#2169 Fixed display issue with type form when toggling the internal option.
Bug helpdesk#2170 Fixed internal self-service article search returning no results.
Bug helpdesk#2171 Fixed operator new ticket notifications not sent on tickets generated via social channels.
Bug helpdesk#2174 Fixed canned response shortcuts not working on MacOS.
Bug helpdesk#2177 Fixed incorrectly able to see widgets not permitted in the role in the add/remove widget popup.
Bug helpdesk#2179 Fixed not being able to clear all organisation domains.
Bug helpdesk#2181 Fixed date picker not working on ticket grid filtering in some cases.
Bug helpdesk#2187 Fixed help widget preview not working.
Bug helpdesk#2189 Fixed PHP error in article search API when trying to use 'views' ordering without type ID.
Bug helpdesk#2190 Fixed mime cache prematurely deleted on some message/rfc822 emails.
Bug helpdesk#2192 Fixed datatables row settings not being respected in reports.
Bug helpdesk#2195 Fixed validation error when adding organisation domains.
Bug helpdesk#2197 Fixed being unable to refresh on mobile by dragging up.
Bug helpdesk#2198 Fixed spacing issue when adding a new message using a follow up.
Bug helpdesk#2200 Fixed timezone issues in some date pickers.
Bug helpdesk#2202 Fixed redactor link popup appearing off the screen.
Bug helpdesk#2215 Fixed issue when pasting links containing '&' in to redactor.
Bug helpdesk#2263 Fixed issue with canned responses not working on ticket and message print pages.
Bug helpdesk#2299 No longer able to access config values through Twig.
Bug helpdesk#2305 New ticket/ticket reply not accepted notifications now consider if originating email is an auto-response.
Bug helpdesk#2310 Fixed model events not firing in some situations.
Bug helpdesk#2311 User email addresses are no longer inserted with trailing whitespace.
Bug helpdesk#2312 Fixed issue with article search for recently created articles.
Bug helpdesk#2377 Fixed issue with viewing attachments on trashed tickets.
Bug helpdesk#2378 Fixed issue with date custom fields not outputting correctly in email templates.
Bug helpdesk#2382 Fixed issue with system cleanup when trying to delete too many users at once.
Bug helpdesk#2386 Fixed issue with Twitter direct message replies being limited to 280 characters incorrectly on page load.
Bug helpdesk#2391 Fixed errors found when running MySQL in strict mode.
Bug helpdesk#2393 Fixed scrolling issue with position sticky in Safari.
Bug helpdesk#2398 Fixed replies not being posted when using add reply action on a social channel tickets.
Bug helpdesk#2399 Fixed issue with data URI images being showne as attachments in Gmail.
Bug helpdesk#2401 Fixed issue with Twitter direct messages pagination.
Bug helpdesk#2404 Fixed JS error that meant being unable to add CC emails on opening a new ticket in the operator panel.
Bug helpdesk#2406 Fixed display issue with the email throttle decay message.
Bug helpdesk#2408 Fixed being unable to upload attachments are discarding drafts.
Bug helpdesk#2410 Fixed being able to clear locked custom fields on frontend in some situations.
Bug helpdesk#2412 Fixed error when parsing certain invalid email header values.
Bug helpdesk#2417 Fixed issue where Safari would cut off the sidebar expand/collapse button.
Bug helpdesk#2422 Fixed error parsing truncated delivery status report emails.
Bug helpdesk#2426 Fixed not being able to save macro conditions in some scenarios.
Bug helpdesk#2427 Fixed due time incorrectly being updated on ticket messages that weren't replies.
Bug helpdesk#2428 Fixed blank messages being imported from other SupportPal help desks.
Bug helpdesk#2429 Fixed being unable to install using MySQL SSL connections.
Bug helpdesk#2441 Fatal PHP errors on the API are now logged.
Bug helpdesk#2442 Fixed filtering operator login log by operator doing an incorrect search in some cases.
Bug helpdesk#2443 Fixed user name formats 'F. Last' and 'First L.' not working with special characters.
Bug helpdesk#2447 Fixed being unable to use 'block user' action without 'delete tickets permanently' permission.
Bug helpdesk#2450 Fixed attachments with mailformed content-type not being imported.
Bug helpdesk#2451 Fixed issue with language redirection exceptions not working.