3.0.0 Beta 1

Release Details

Release Date 19th March 2020
Release Type Beta

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 3.0 from 2.6 and the 3.0.0 Release Notes for important changes in this release.


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-1830 Added the option to merge and unmerge on the ticket view.
Feature DEV-1835 Added email auto-response detection.
Feature DEV-2077 Added ability to force all operators and/or users to use 2FA.
Feature DEV-2099 Added 2FA for users.
Feature DEV-2125 Added option to enable/disable dual login for LDAP.
Feature DEV-2128 Added feedback forms for article feedback.
Feature DEV-2148 Added ability to create Artisan commands in plugins.
Feature DEV-2153 Added 'registered users only' setting for self-service types.
Improvement DEV-1666 Upgraded text editor to latest version.
Improvement DEV-1709 Redesigned the frontend and operator panel templates.
Improvement DEV-1770 Added an alert when trying to close the browser window when installer/upgrader is running.
Improvement DEV-1952 Install/upgrade seeders are now ran in chunks (by version).
Improvement DEV-2078 Upgraded FontAwesome icons to version 5.
Improvement DEV-2121 Added a neutral option for ticket feedback.
Improvement DEV-2141 Improved search results for articles on the frontend.
Improvement DEV-2145 Removed links to Google+.
Improvement DEV-2156 Added HTML5 support for processing incoming emails.
Improvement DEV-2158 Added ability to use target="_blank" in text editor.
Improvement DEV-2165 Removed 'East Germany' as a country option.
Improvement DEV-2212 Added ticket channel attributes as available merge fields.
Improvement DEV-2250 Added ability to set user notes via API.
Improvement DEV-2286 No longer shows ticket number or redirects to ticket (with token) for unauthenticated users opening a ticket.
Improvement DEV-2293 Better error message shown when unable to connect to licensing server.
Bug DEV-1365 Fixed issue where HTML Purifier would remove some images unexpectedly.
Bug DEV-2104 Only permissioned (assigned to brand and department) operators can now rpely to a ticket by email.
Bug DEV-2110 Fixed OPTIONS HTTP method missing from allowed methods requirement check.
Bug DEV-2134 Fixed handling of some malformed HTML emails.
Bug DEV-2143 Fixed incorrect response rate for ticket feedback when filtered by date.
Bug DEV-2147 Fixed being unable to change the language in the installer.
Bug DEV-2150 Fixed being unable to change the brand on a ticket and set it to a subdepartment.
Bug DEV-2159 Fixed hook macro 'send email' actions having outdated merge field data.
Bug DEV-2159 Fixed issues sending when '@' is in the from display name.
Bug DEV-2162 Fixed forwarding a ticket when 'Include Operator Name' is enabled, not correctly setting the from display name on the email.
Bug DEV-2163 Fixed blank text on some unread messages in long tickets.
Bug DEV-2164 Fixed articles in internal types being shown in related articles on the frontend.
Bug DEV-2168 Fixed using correct brand links in emails that are generated over the console.
Bug DEV-2169 Fixed login via IdP button not using custom SAML name.
Bug DEV-2170 Fixed emails containing hebrew don't display correctly.
Bug DEV-2174 Fixed Google social login using deprecated API.
Bug DEV-2179 Fixed translated status name not used in frontend ticket grid.
Bug DEV-2183 Fixed being unable to unmerge in some cases after deleting a message in merged ticket.
Bug DEV-2184 Fixed order of invoices in WHMCS Information plugin.
Bug DEV-2213 Fixed fatal PHP error when viewing ticket feedback with date field.
Bug DEV-2231 Fixed URL validation erroring on valid URLs.
Bug DEV-2276 Fixed unable to comment on internal articles when captcha set to 'always'.
Bug DEV-2282 Fixed JS error when forwarding a ticket with timeago disabled in config.
Bug DEV-2287 Fixed records count being wrong after filtering on operator grid.
Bug DEV-2295 Fixed being able to generate empty self-service slugs.