Enable HTTPS (SSL)

https ensures encrypted transport of communication between your customers and your server. A number of third-party integrations require your installation to use https. We recommend to redirect http traffic to https using web server redirects.

Please consult your web server documentation for steps on how to achieve this.

Enabling SSL Mode

Once you have a working SSL certificate on your server, you should enable SSL mode to force all connections to the help desk to be secure.

Go to Settings and toggle the Enable SSL option.

If you have multiple brands, you can enable/disable SSL mode for individual brands under the brand settings.

Manually Disabling SSL Mode

It's possible for SupportPal to get stuck in a redirect loop if when Enable SSL is toggled on, and the web server is not listening for connections on port 443 (HTTPS). In this scenario, you can manually bypass the SSL redirection in order to regain access to your help desk:

  1. Clear your browser cache.
    SupportPal redirects http to https using a 301 Permanent redirect. Permanent redirects are remembered by your web server so it's necessary to clear the cache.
  2. Update config/production/app.php to include:
    "force_disable_ssl" => true,
  3. Login to the operator panel via HTTP (not HTTPS). For example:
  4. Follow Enabling SSL Mode (above) to toggle the setting back off again.