Release Details

Release Date 4th September 2023
Release Type Stable - Patch

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Bug helpdesk#3203 Search doesn't show any results when using hashtag
Bug helpdesk#3201 Log message for personal reply templates updated missing
Bug helpdesk#3197 Unable to remove locks created by db:restore command
Bug helpdesk#3195 Type error when seeding report metrics on non-mysqlnd installations
Bug helpdesk#3194 Ticket number generator parser fails on 3-%S
Bug helpdesk#3192 version_compare error with null version
Bug helpdesk#3191 Hitting enter in search box goes to 404 page
Bug helpdesk#3190 Indexing ticket messages fail when ticket is in trash
Bug helpdesk#3189 models:index command fails to index any records
Bug helpdesk#3187 Reduce Algolia max record size to 9kb
Bug helpdesk#3185 SQL error during 5.0 upgrade in some cases
Bug helpdesk#3184 Search indexes are not created on fresh install
Bug helpdesk#3182 New user added when additional email exists
Bug helpdesk#3180 Operator search doesn't abort previous requests when typing