Migrating to a New Server

If you need to move your SupportPal installation to a new folder or server, we recommend to follow the below guide.


If you're moving your installation to a new server, please make sure it passes all the system requirements before proceeding, this includes both the web server and the CLI (for the cron job).

You will need to re-issue your license after the move, please ensure you have access to your SupportPal client area account where this is done.


  1. Disable the SupportPal cron job.
  2. Visit Settings in the operator panel and enable the "Maintenance Mode" option.
  3. Take a backup of your database and existing installation files.
  4. Move/copy the whole SupportPal installation directory to the new server or folder.
  5. If you need to move the database too:
    1. Restore the database backup on the new server.
    2. Update /config/production/database.php to the new database details.
  6. Login to the SupportPal client area and re-issue your license so that it is unlocked.
  7. Login to the operator panel.
  8. Visit Settings and disable the "Maintenance Mode" option.
  9. If your SupportPal URL has changed you will also update your brand URL (Settings > General > Brands > Website (tab) and update the System URL option).
  10. Enable the SupportPal cron job (you may need to configure it from scratch on the new server). Verify the tasks are running by visiting Settings -> Core -> Scheduled Tasks and refreshing every few minutes.