Release Details

Release Date 2nd December 2020
Release Type Stable - Patch

Resource Changes

There are no resource changes in this version.


Type Issue Description
Bug helpdesk#2467 Fixed error when trying to post a ticket over API with an invalid custom field ID.
Bug helpdesk#2466 Fixed existing attachments not being included on forwarding a ticket.
Bug helpdesk#2465 Fixed error when filtering tickets API by brand and user email at same time.
Bug helpdesk#2463 Fixed all time option in reports giving incorrect data.
Bug helpdesk#2462 Fixed being unable to dismiss product tour on new installations.
Bug helpdesk#2461 Fixed emails failing to send when the brand system URL is incomplete.
Bug helpdesk#2459 Fixed editor adding breaklines incorrectly in some places after saving.
Bug helpdesk#2458 Fixed error when trying to use OAuth with SMTP in some cases.