Search Configuration

SupportPal currently supports three search engines, the built-in MySQL full-text engine, Meilisearch, and Algolia - a cloud search engine.


For details on how to set the below configuration items, please read Environment Variables.


The database (MySQL full-text) search driver is the default for all non-Docker installations and requires no additional configuration.


Meilisearch is a powerful and fast open-source search engine. To configure Meilisearch as the search driver configure the below environment variables, for guidance please refer to Meilisearch documentation:


Once you have set this, you must run the following command to begin the process of indexing existing data. It will take some for it to complete indexing as it processes batches of 500 records at a time.

    php artisan models:index


Algolia Search is a powerful hosted search engine. To enable the Algolia Search driver browse to the Algolia integration page.