Release Details

Release Date 11th May 2020
Release Type Stable - Minor

Resource Changes

There were no language file changes in this release.


Type Issue Description
Improvement DEV-1909 Improved license client logging.
Improvement DEV-2386 Improved CSS for viewing tickets with dark text in dark mode.
Improvement DEV-2399 Switched to codemirror for email templates editing.
Improvement DEV-2429 Reply form now shown in ticket view with ascending reply order without needing to click.
Bug DEV-1647 Fixed copying of Twig based links being incorrect in the email template editor.
Bug DEV-2388 Fixed quoted text wrapper being removed on collapsed messages.
Bug DEV-2389 Fixed mangled links with Twig code within redactor views.
Bug DEV-2390 Fixed copying HTML in to custom field textarea (redactor) not keeping line breaks.
Bug DEV-2392 Fixed merge fields used in links being incorrectly URL encoded.
Bug DEV-2393 Fixed JS error when using canned responses on submitting a new ticket from operator panel.
Bug DEV-2395 Fixed attachment not found error when downloading in frontend.
Bug DEV-2400 Removed <figure> from images in redactor.
Bug DEV-2402 Disabled redactor shortcodes.
Bug DEV-2403 Fixed being unable to add users on organisation's users page when it doesn't currently have any users.
Bug DEV-2404 Fixed JS error when clicking inside merge fields modal.
Bug DEV-2405 Fixed PHP error when an encrypted custom field value is just a new line.
Bug DEV-2406 Fixed dynamically loaded tabs not being clickable.
Bug DEV-2407 Fixed operator panel transfer organisation ownership to no longer be able to transfer to an outside user.
Bug DEV-2408 Added 'views' order option back to article search API for backwards-compatibility.
Bug DEV-2410 Fixed username missing from failed login email notification when using 2FA.
Bug DEV-2411 Removed references to an old CSS class.
Bug DEV-2412 Fixed PHP error shown when trying to use social login with an invalid provider name.
Bug DEV-2415 Fixed authentication validation in plugins.
Bug DEV-2416 Fixed authentication error in WHMCS Information when password contains HTML entity characters.
Bug DEV-2417 Fixed prompt showing after updating ticket and trying to leave page with time tracking plugin is enabled.
Bug DEV-2425 Fixed spacing issues with canned responses and operator signatures after editing.
Bug DEV-2427 Fixed being unable to prune logs in system cleanup.
Bug DEV-2428 Fixed spacing issues with email template preview.