Plugin Development: Health Checks

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What are Health Checks?

Health checks provide a traffic light system designed to alert system administrators to issues occurring within the help desk. For more information, please refer to System Health.

Registering a Health Check

A health check can be configured within the plugins __construct method, for example:


The health check class should implement the Health Check interface:


namespace Addons\Plugins\HelloWorld\Controllers;

use SupportPal\HealthService\Check\HealthCheck;
use SupportPal\HealthService\Model\Result;
use SupportPal\HealthService\Model\Translation;

class MyHealthCheck implements HealthCheck
    public function name(): Translation
        return new Translation('Plugins#HelloWorld::lang.my_health_check');

    public function check(): Result
        if (...) {
            return Result::error($this->name(), new Translation('Plugins#HelloWorld::lang.my_health_check_error'));

        return Result::healthy($this->name(), new Translation('general.ok'));

    public function dependsOn(): array
        return [];

The Result class implements several statuses:

Method name Method description
Result::healthy(string $name, Translation $message); The status is healthy.
Result::warning(string $name, Translation $message, bool $healthy = true); When $healthy = false the system administrator will be alerted.
Result::error(string $name, Translation $message); Alert the system administrator to a problem.
Result::skip(string $name, Translation $message); Don't show the health check in the results.

The Translation class can be used as follows:

Method name Method description
__construct(string $key, ?int $number = null)
  • $key - The translation key, refer to Languages
  • $number - For translation which implement singular and plural case, specify which to use.
setReplacements(array $replace): self For translations which use placeholders, for example: ['path' => '/foo/bar']

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