Release Details

Release Date 16th December 2022
Release Type Stable - Patch

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Bug helpdesk#3045 Authentication issue allowing to bypass email verification
Bug helpdesk#3043 Changing admin URL redirects to 404 page
Bug helpdesk#3042 File upload progress bar not visible
Bug helpdesk#3041 Content sometimes disappears from editor
Bug helpdesk#3040 Unable to deselect all multiple option custom field values
Bug helpdesk#3039 Memory issues with FileRotationService when processing thousands of files
Bug helpdesk#3035 Expand all adds notes to wrong place in view in some cases
Bug helpdesk#3032 Empty drafts are being saved due to cursor position in editor
Bug helpdesk#3029 No cleanup on BinaryNotFoundException during installation or update of an add-on