Release Details

Release Date 18th May 2022
Release Type Stable - Patch

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Bug helpdesk#2865 Redis health check fails when using legacy redis configuration.
Bug helpdesk#2863 Old languages are incorrectly migrated to new add-ons format.
Bug helpdesk#2862 JavaScript to handle ticket reply options is missing.
Bug helpdesk#2859 No results visible when using link ticket modal.
Bug helpdesk#2858 Server error when trying to validate SMTP authentication.
Bug helpdesk#2857 Rogue bar visible when pagination is not shown.
Bug helpdesk#2854 Tickets created via email marked as internal when operator is not assigned to department.
Bug helpdesk#2852 Background jobs health check ran unnecessarily in some cases.
Performance helpdesk#2864 Marketplace requests are not cached correctly.