Release Details

Release Date 18th August 2022
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes

Merge users and organisations

You can now merge user accounts and user organisations accounts that are within the same brand. This is useful if, for example, there are duplicate accounts for a user, it will combine all their tickets under a single account. Check our documentation on how to merge and what data is and isn't merged:

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#2944 Merge user organisations.
Feature helpdesk#2903 Improve Docker Monolithic SSL customisation.
Feature helpdesk#2330 Merge user accounts.
Improvement helpdesk#2939 Make app:backup --full option the default.
Improvement helpdesk#2936 Send email to CC users when user opens ticket from frontend.
Improvement helpdesk#2922 Add 'z' date variable as option to ticket number format.
Improvement helpdesk#2919 Add API channel settings page.
Improvement helpdesk#2915 Skip disk space check if disk_free_space/disk_total_space is disabled.
Improvement helpdesk#2905 Add fallback CA bundle for all outbound TLS connections.
Improvement helpdesk#2902 Ability to set TAR binary path when using marketplace.
Improvement helpdesk#2898 Allow uploading files greater than 2G.
Improvement helpdesk#2897 Support gigabyte files in human readable file size conversion.
Improvement helpdesk#2843 Add editor shortcuts to tooltips.
Improvement helpdesk#2832 Ability to configure prompt OAuth param.
Improvement helpdesk#2830 Show captcha after one failed login attempt.
Improvement helpdesk#2822 Language selection on operator login page.
Bug helpdesk#2946 Check active status when logging in frontend.
Bug helpdesk#2940 Redis data doesn't persist after shutdown on Docker Monolithic.
Bug helpdesk#2938 Able to log in and open a ticket if account is not active.
Bug helpdesk#2935 Upgrading from 3.x to 4.x using the web installer runs through it twice.
Bug helpdesk#2932 Cleanup bad add-on download via marketplace on Guzzle error.
Bug helpdesk#2931 Date picker isn't usable when filtering ticket grid.
Bug helpdesk#2930 License refresh not updating license information.
Bug helpdesk#2929 Backup fails when symbolically linked directories present.
Bug helpdesk#2927 Fatal PHP error when account not found in Twilio receive call callback.
Bug helpdesk#2926 Reply line clipping doesn't work on some Microsoft emails.
Bug helpdesk#2925 Incorrect date filtering for ticket feedback reports.
Bug helpdesk#2924 500 error viewing background jobs page.
Bug helpdesk#2923 Migration script issues on Docker Monolithic.
Bug helpdesk#2921 Health checks fail on Docker Monolithic without HTTPS.
Bug helpdesk#2918 Incorrect object name used in frontend template.
Bug helpdesk#2917 Article URI translation mismatches.
Bug helpdesk#2916 404 Not Found on article translations.
Bug helpdesk#2912 Infinite loop on unique slug generation.
Bug helpdesk#2911 Reply editor cursor automatically goes to end of content when using Firefox in some situations.
Bug helpdesk#2910 Sidebar doesn't open correctly on mobile devices.
Bug helpdesk#2908 Load message jQuery selectors are too broad.
Bug helpdesk#2906 Unable to send emails containing invalid base64 image data.
Bug helpdesk#2904 TinyMCE content_css missing cache busting param.
Bug helpdesk#2893 404 error page always shown in English.
Bug helpdesk#2887 Twilio addon shows as unlicensed right after purchasing.