Users are able to rating and provide feedback on article, which can be used to measure how useful articles are, provided feedback forms have been set up. Visiting Self-Service -> Feedback will show an report of feedback ratings with options to filter down and view individual feedback in more depth.


Viewing Feedback

The report contains a list of all feedback, ordered by date by default. Each row will contain the relevant article and user, their rating and if there are fields on the feedback form and the user answered these, a "View Feedback" button will be available to see these answers. If the user is not a registered user, it will show their IP instead.

Table Sorting

The table allows sorting column by clicking the up/down arrows:

Feedback Ratings

There is another report called "Feedback Ratings" available in the sidebar. This report can be useful for seeing an overview of how articles are being rated in general.

The report is split up in to three data points: